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    Day 5 LIVE Show from Berlin, Predict Women's 400 Hurdles


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    In the Day 5 LIVE Show from Berlin we talk to Reebok and Canadian athlete Nate Brannen about the Men's 1500 meter final that will be contested tonight. Other finals tonight include the Women's 100 meter hurdles and the Women's 800. Get your votes in before 2:25 EST. The new prediction contest is for tomorrow's final in the Women's 400 meter hurdles (votes need to be in by 2:15pm EST Thursday). Get your votes in below and stay tuned for interviews tonight and live show again tomorrow.

    Tonight's Schedule:

    Aug. 19 4:05 a.m. ET (webcast)

    Aug. 19 12:05 p.m. ET (webcast)

    Aug. 19 1:30 p.m. ET Versus TV

    Rules for the prediction contest:

    1) As always, make sure you are logged in to Flotrack.

    2) Below each LIVE show video, leave your predictions. Predictions should be in order of your choice of medalists.

    3) The tie-breaker will be the predicted time of the winner. So make sure to leave a time!

    4) With each contest, make sure to see what the give-a-way is and leave your size accordingly. Tell us men's or women's and then clothing or shoe size (depending on the prize).

    5) Predictions need to be in by the start of each event. (predictions will be made for finals only)