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    Day 2 - Golden League Meet (Paris)


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    Day two was a long day. As I type right now it is 3 am Paris time and I have been up since 8am. As I look back on the day and my first European meet and first Golden League meet I am content. It was a great day and a great meet. I Ate lunch with Amy Acuff and Webb among others, the funny thing is all the athletes complain about the food in Europe and especially in France, which is known for their food. The athletes do have a point here, the food is not great, but since beggars cannot be choosers I am digging the free food. Amy and I sat and talked about the training center herself and her husband Ty started near Sacramento and how we need to raise awareness for all post collegiate training groups not just distance. I told her I would go out to Cali and make a flocast about their group, so look for that this fall. After Lunch I crashed out for two hrs and it could of been eight but I had to jump on the bus to the meet. I will let the video tell the story about the meet. After the meet I ate some dinner as everyone watched the race again. Now it is 3:10 and I have to catch a taxi to my hotel, get some shut eye because we travel by train tomorrow to cover another race in Belgium. So until next time....... Laters