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    Day 4 - To Switzerland


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    Again I find myself typing away late into the night, itÂ’s 2:27 here in Switzerland. Until about 20 mins ago a bunch of athletes were and mangers were still up in the lobby paying cards and telling stories, mostly telling stories. Most of the stories cannot be repeated because as I learned today on the train, what happens on the circuit stays on the circuit. When we finally arrived in Lausanne after a 2hr delay and one unexpected train change. I met up with Jennifer Thomas of Reebok, who introduced me to Steve Hooker the Pole Vaulter from Australia. We were supposed to have a beer together; Hooker always has one or two beers two nights before he competes. That fell through because of a timing mishap but we met up later and had a good interview. All in all we were traveling from 10:30 in the morning to 9 at night so I am pretty beat so I need to get some shuteye and I will talk to you tomorrow.