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    Day 6 - Lausanne


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    Tuesday started off as the most chill day but turned to the most stressful. I woke up and I pulled the double breakfast. Here in Europe they give you breakfast at the hotel, well I guess it's like that in the states, but it feels different here. I'm not staying at the Meet hotel with food hall, I'm staying at the hotel across the street with all the red headed track step children. The rooms are nice but the door man hates my late nights. When I headed over to the meet hotel I found my way into another meal ticket so I could not decline. After breakfast and brunch I went out on the town, but you can watch the video about that. When I arrived at the meet I was all pumped up for some great races but I soon realized that I only had one of my two cameras and it was a huge problem. I had to make do with my smaller cam and low battery power. I was running around all over the place and did not really get to see too many of the races. The meet itself was great but I will wait and let tomorrow's video do the talking.
    Well I want to hit the hay so I will talk to ya'll tomorrow.