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    Day 7 - Leuven


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    The last two nights I had solid rest and started the day ready to go, well ready to eat breakfast. I woke up around 10 so I could grab a good breakfast at the meet hotel. Jenny from Reebok or JT gave me her meal ticket because she was already on her way to Rome for the next meet. It was pretty crazy because after the meet got out last night all the big wigs, agents and shoe companies were checking out of their rooms at 1 in the morning heading South towards Rome. While most of the circuit heads South I head North towards Belgium. Today's video is all about the meet last night and my travels today, everything except my transfer from one Paris train station to the other. I arrived at Paris Core and I had to head to Paris Nord and use the subway. Well all I had was a 20 euro and none of the ticket machines were in English and I was totally a confused tourist and starting to get uncomfortable because my train from Paris Nord was leaving soon I needed to figure out how to get a ticket with out spending 20 Euros on a week pass. So I rushed up to the shops on the second level. I was frantically looking for some food shop so I could get some water and change for my 20 but all I could see was luggage shops and a post card store, bingo. I ran over to the shop but right before i got there i made sure to not look like a lost, scared American that needed someone to speak English too. So I walked in all cool but the guy saw right through me. It was probably my flushed face, sweat spotted shirt, a tearful eyes, OK I was not crying but I was sweating pretty bad. So I paid my 1.30 for a post card i did not care about and strolled out like i knew what I was doing. When I thought i was out of the frenchie's sight, I stared looking for the ticket machine. I was pressing all sorts of buttons, but it was not working. I almost bought a ticket off one of those bums that specifically sell to stupid tourists. I told myself I would rather miss my train. I was punching all sorts of buttons until it said insert money, I did and a ticket came out. I was relieved and pretty proud of myself for solving the equation that is the subway. Well that was one of the many entertaining moments i am having here across the pond. I will talk to you guys tomorrow.