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    Day 8 - Bikes ???


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    I got to sleep in today and it felt great. I was going to run at 9 with a couple runners but they pushed back their run to later in the day and this suited me fine. When I did roll out of bed I went for a 53 min run. Today was the first day of training for an 800 that Terrence Mahon, Andrew Kastor, Brad, and myself will be competing in. I have noticed since I graduated college over a year ago. I'm a lil scared because the winning time was sub 2 last year and Terrence has been running a lot. We did 53 mins in the morning then I went out to film Ian Dobson's workout. After his workout I put on my old spikes and ran a 200. I was pleasantly surprised with myself when I saw that I ran a 26.4. After practice I went into town with Brad, Anne Shadle, Messener, and Andrew Carlson. We had some pretty decent food and headed home. I'm kind of tired because its 4:02 and I am thinking of making a Ian Dobson workout movie. Well I have to make this short because my eyes are closing.