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    Day 10 - Kortrijk


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    Today was a beautiful day here in Leuven. Brad woke me up kind of late to go for a run. Before we could head out the door, I ran into Terrence Mahon, the coach of Deena Kastor, Ryan Hall, Sara Hall, Ian Dobson, Kate O'neill and his wife Jen Rhines. Terrence just arrived from Rome, where Rhines ran great in the 5k. So Terrence, Kate, Brad and I go for a run but at 10 mins Kate turns back because she has a workout. We go 5 more mins and head back as well because Terrence has to hold Kate's workout. I start getting that pre-workout nervousness because I realize that I want to jump in and pace. I ask Terrence and Kate and they said it was cool, so I jumped in on her workout. I was a little nervous for two reasons; First because I was scared I was not going to be able to do it (I have not run a workout since I stopped running for Vig at Texas 14 months ago), Second I was scared I would screw up the pace because I had not run a workout in 14 months. Kate was cool and did not stress of my early herky jerky pace. She ran a couple 200s before I jumped in but together we ran 5 800s and a 400. It was tough on that last 800 but I got through it and felt great the rest of the day. I started creating my comeback plan because I knew I was coming back. Those thoughts faded quickly as I ordered a Sangria at lunch. The rest of the day I worked on today's video so I hope you like it. Tomorrow there is a race in Gent with a couple good races so stay tuned for that.