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    Day 14 - Waffles


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    The last couple days have been pretty hard on my body. I am racing a 800 against Brad, who you can see in the Ian Dobson workout, Andrew Kastor and Terence Mahon. I have not done a workout in 14 months and the last 5 days I have done 3 and a long run. Yesterday I jumped in a workout with Amy Hastings. We did a 1k and 4 x 400. Today I jumped in a workout with Ian Dobson and his coach Terence, my competition in the 800, looked pretty scared considering I did 5 x 200 at a pretty good clip. After the cool down I saw nick symmonds come on to the track so I asked if I could film his workout. He was cool about it so watch for that tomorrow. After the workout I headed to Amsterdam to change it up a little and find some different athletes. I'm excited for the meet this weekend in Belgium because we should have some fast times and if you read Walt Murphy's emails you would know that Webb will be trying to make history. We will have the mile along with Ritz in the 5k and the all the great races. I'm typing this on my crackberry so I hope I didn't make any mistakes. Anyway look for the Symmonds workout tomorrow and the great races this weekend!