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    Steven Hooker and Perth, Australia were amazing and I can't wait to go back. Steve has a great set-up and he tries to get into the water at least once a day and who wouldn't because its beautiful and feels so good. The first day Steve and his mate, Luke told me that the water becomes an addiction. After only 3 days I was an addict and was running into the water at first sight. Hooker will be one of the athletes we will showcasing in our up-coming series if you haven't already guessed. Just like the two ladies before Steve, I'm pretty positive that you will be quite entertained with Steven and will b cheering for him in Beijing. Oh yeah the grass track was really something. I don't know if other grass tracks are like that because that is the only one I have seen but it hard enough to do workouts on but it was grass so it would prevent a lot of injuries. Anyway my time abroad is winding down and looking forward to getting back to the states and get after it this Indoor season.


    Mark Flo