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    When I grow Up


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    Whenever I film workouts I always get the urge to participate. I want to pace the first 200 of 300s or at least do the cool down. Sometimes I find myself stretching for no good reason other than when I think I can still do any workout even though I spend all my time in front of a computer or behind a camera. Most of the time I am filming distance runners, but yesterday I was hanging out with Carolina Kluft and she was doing jumps, so of course I started seeing how far I could jump, trying to match Carolina's PR or PB depending on where you are from. Carolina's PB is 6.97 meters and my first jump went abysmal 4 odd meters. So I decided to make a goal of getting over 5 meters. After coaching from the best female athlete in the world and a lot of tries I .............. Well I will let you watch the video. Hope everyone who is running this weekend gets the job done, I look forward to seeing some PBs and PRs from the community.


    Mark Flo

    Music by Low vs. Diamond, "I All Be"

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