2017 IAAF World Championships

LIVE UPDATES: 2017 IAAF World Championship Men's & Women's Marathons

LIVE UPDATES: 2017 IAAF World Championship Men's & Women's Marathons

Follow along with mile-by-mile live updates of the 2017 IAAF World Championships men's and women's marathon.

Aug 6, 2017 by Taylor Dutch
LIVE UPDATES: 2017 IAAF World Championship Men's & Women's Marathons
Follow along with mile-by-mile live updates of the 2017 IAAF World Championships men's and women's marathons. The men's marathon will begin first at 4:55 am CT and the women's race will follow at 8:00 am CT.

Women's Race
Updates by Harry Prevor

1 Women: And we're off! Caterina Ribeiro of Portugal takes the (very) early lead as Amy Cragg remains square in the pack along with race favorites Dibaba, Kiplagat, and Kirwa.
2 Women: Ribeiro is stretching her lead by a lot now -- looks to be almost a minute. But she's not a real medal threat based on her credentials (just a 2:30:10 qualifier), so the field is still confident they can roll her in within the next few miles.

Here's a pic of the standings in the chase pack so far:

Amy Cragg sits in 5th overall.
3 5K Women:

1. 17:39, Caterina Ribeiro
2. 18:00, Everyone Else
Ribeiro still leads and we should get our 5K split soon.

It's a 17:39 first 5K for Ribeiro, ~18:00 for the rest of the field. Cragg still up front ready to strike when someone makes the break:

4 Women: Aly Dixon finally makes the first break from the chase pack, Ribeiro's lead is down to more like 15 seconds now:

5 Women: The 'chasing group' as it is so called is forced to thin out on the roads, Dixon still leading. There are only markers every 5K, and IAAF's automated split computer is reportedly not working though we can generally see the 5K splits as they come.
6 10K Women:

1. Catarina RIBEIRO, POR, 35:35
2. Alyson DIXON, GBR, 35:41
3. Mare DIBABA, ETH, 35:42
4. Jessica TRENGOVE, AUS, 35:43
5. Edna Ngeringwony KIPLAGAT, KEN, 35:43
6. Eunice Jepkirui KIRWA, BRN, 35:43
13. Amy CRAGG, USA, 35:43
14. Serena BURLA, USA, 35:43
Should be coming through 10K shortly. USA's Serena Burla comes to a complete stop as she falls to the ground, though she quickly gets back up.

We reach 10K in 35:40ish, 35:35 for Ribeiro who still technically leads but is now just being passed by the rest of the field. It looks like Burla's fall didn't affect her much.
7 Women: Dixon now leads the race but the pack is still firmly intact. They all pass one of the early drink stations with no huge messups apparent yet.
8 Women: OK, Aly Dixon has made her break. She's got exactly nine seconds on the field now. This is no gold medal move -- she's still running well within herself as the pace isn't crazy.

9 15K Women:

1. Alyson DIXON (GBR) 53:09:00
2. Hye-Song KIM (PRK) 53:31:00
3. Flomena Cheyech DANIEL (KEN) 53:31:00
4. Amy CRAGG (USA) 53:31:00
5. Helah Jelagat KIPROP (KEN) 53:31:00
6. Hye-Gyong KIM (PRK) 53:31:00
7. Eunice Jepkirui KIRWA (BRN) 53:31:00
8. Rose CHELIMO (BRN) 53:31:00
9. Mare DIBABA (ETH) 53:31:00
10. Mao KIYOTA (JPN) 53:31:00
11. Edna Ngeringwony KIPLAGAT (KEN) 53:31:00
12. Serena BURLA (USA) 53:31:00
13. Shure DEMISE (ETH) 53:31:00
14. Fate TOLA (GER) 53:31:00
15. Jessica TRENGOVE (AUS) 53:31:00
16. Mapaseka MAKHANYA (RSA) 53:31:00
17. Aselefech MERGIA (ETH) 53:31:00
18. Yuka ANDO (JPN) 53:31:00
19. Eva VRABCOVÁ NÝVLTOVÁ (CZE) 53:32:00
20. Berhane DIBABA (ETH) 53:32:00
We'll be coming up on 15K soon. Dixon has only extended her lead, and now it's closer to 20 or 30 seconds.

To quantify it, that lead is now 22 seconds as Amy Cragg still sits at the front of the chase pack.

Their 10K to 15K split was 17:36, just inside 2:30 pace overall now. Aly can maintain this, but we haven't seen the gold medal move yet.
10 Women: As we finally approach the one-hour mark, Dixon still leads running just under 2:30 pace, just under her personal best. The crowd is loving this.
11 Women: Dixon is still leading, though the field will come back to her pretty soon by now. 

12 20K Women:
1. Alyson DIXON (GBR) 01:10:30
2. Helah Jelagat KIPROP (KEN) 01:11:05
3. Edna Ngeringwony KIPLAGAT (KEN) 01:11:05
4. Mare DIBABA (ETH) 01:11:05
5. Rose CHELIMO (BRN) 01:11:05
6. Eunice Jepkirui KIRWA (BRN) 01:11:05
7. Amy CRAGG (USA) 01:11:06
8. Hye-Gyong KIM (PRK) 01:11:06
9. Aselefech MERGIA (ETH) 01:11:06
10. Shure DEMISE (ETH) 01:11:06
11. Mao KIYOTA (JPN) 01:11:06
12. Flomena Cheyech DANIEL (KEN) 01:11:06
13. Berhane DIBABA (ETH) 01:11:06
14. Serena BURLA (USA) 01:11:06
15. Fate TOLA (GER) 01:11:07
16. Yuka ANDO (JPN) 01:11:08
17. Jessica TRENGOVE (AUS) 01:11:08
18. Eva VRABCOVÁ NÝVLTOVÁ (CZE) 01:11:08
19. Hye-Song KIM (PRK) 01:11:08
20. Helalia JOHANNES (NAM) 01:11:09
21. Izabela TRZASKALSKA (POL) 01:11:09
22. Marta ESTEBAN (ESP) 01:11:09
23. Risa SHIGETOMO (JPN) 01:11:09
24. Filomena COSTA (POR) 01:11:09
25. Sinead DIVER (AUS) 01:11:11
Aly still leads, and the chase pack has whittled down a little but it seems most of the favorites are still in it, looking like they're all running easy. We'll get the 20K split in just a bit.

There are exactly 24 athletes in the chase group right now, including USA's Cragg and Burla.
13 Half Marathon Women:
1. Alyson DIXON (GBR) 01:14:20
2. Mao KIYOTA (JPN) 01:14:52
3. Eunice Jepkirui KIRWA (BRN) 01:14:52
4. Edna Ngeringwony KIPLAGAT (KEN) 01:14:52
5. Amy CRAGG (USA) 01:14:52
6. Helah Jelagat KIPROP (KEN) 01:14:52
7. Aselefech MERGIA (ETH) 01:14:53
8. Berhane DIBABA (ETH) 01:14:53
9. Mare DIBABA (ETH) 01:14:53
10. Hye-Gyong KIM (PRK) 01:14:53
11. Rose CHELIMO (BRN) 01:14:53
12. Shure DEMISE (ETH) 01:14:53
13. Flomena Cheyech DANIEL (KEN) 01:14:53
14. Serena BURLA (USA) 01:14:53
15. Fate TOLA (GER) 01:14:54
16. Jessica TRENGOVE (AUS) 01:14:55
We split a 17:20 5K, which might be a little hot for Dixon but she's still got a 30+ second lead.

It's 74:21 for Aly at the half -- just about her PB pace, and about exactly 30 seconds ahead of the chase pack. Burla and Cragg still in it!
14 Women: Eunice Kirwa and Edna Kiplagat were among the top pre-race favorites, and now they're both leading the chase pack. It's hard to say if the gap is getting smaller, but they have time either way. They'll be looking to whittle the 32-second lead down to 15 or so seconds by the next 5K marker.
25K Women:
1. Alyson DIXON (GBR) 01:28:03
2. Amy CRAGG (USA) 01:28:17
3. Edna Ngeringwony KIPLAGAT (KEN) 01:28:17
4. Rose CHELIMO (BRN) 01:28:17
5. Eunice Jepkirui KIRWA (BRN) 01:28:18
6. Flomena Cheyech DANIEL (KEN) 01:28:18
7. Mare DIBABA (ETH) 01:28:18
8. Helah Jelagat KIPROP (KEN) 01:28:18
9. Shure DEMISE (ETH) 01:28:18
10. Hye-Gyong KIM (PRK) 01:28:18
11. Berhane DIBABA (ETH) 01:28:18
12. Serena BURLA (USA) 01:28:18
13. Aselefech MERGIA (ETH) 01:28:18
14. Jessica TRENGOVE (AUS) 01:28:18
15. Mao KIYOTA (JPN) 01:28:18
16. Fate TOLA (GER) 01:28:28
The push for Aly is picking up, and Amy Cragg moves up sharing the lead in the pack. Serena Burla is fighting for dear life trying to stick on this chase pack. Word from Paula Radcliffe is that Aly Dixon is running in the controversial Vaporfly 4% shoes. Her lead is now down to 15 seconds -- the chase pack is doing well.

16 Women: Amy Cragg leads the chasers for a bit, who are now by the looks of it less than ten seconds back of Dixon. For Aly this may be near PB pace, but for most of the other women this is still well off their best pace. We're all just anticipating the move now.
17 Women: It's pretty surprising nobody has made a move yet -- it's possible they're all just waiting to catch Dixon. Cragg almost looks like she's controlling the race behind -- maybe she thinks this slow pace benefits her if she can kick the last 10K.
18 30K Women:
1. Edna Ngeringwony KIPLAGAT (KEN) 01:45:52
2. Amy CRAGG (USA) 01:45:52
3. Eunice Jepkirui KIRWA (BRN) 01:45:52
4. Rose CHELIMO (BRN) 01:45:52
5. Shure DEMISE (ETH) 01:45:52
6. Mare DIBABA (ETH) 01:45:52
7. Serena BURLA (USA) 01:45:52
8. Hye-Gyong KIM (PRK) 01:45:53
9. Flomena Cheyech DANIEL (KEN) 01:45:53
10. Helah Jelagat KIPROP (KEN) 01:45:53
11. Berhane DIBABA (ETH) 01:45:53
12. Alyson DIXON (GBR) 01:45:53
13. Aselefech MERGIA (ETH) 01:45:53
14. Jessica TRENGOVE (AUS) 01:45:53
15. Mao KIYOTA (JPN) 01:45:53
16. Fate TOLA (GER) 01:46:26
Aly had a good run, but the chase pack finally catches up to her around 1:40 into the race. We'll be approaching 30K soon. Your winner will very likely come from the lead pack at this point.

19 Women: Who will make the gold medal move? And when? That's what we're all wondering now as there's still a huge (relatively) pack of 15 well past 30K in the race now. All these women still in the hunt as we approach another drink station, Dixon is surprisingly still in the lead pack.
20 Women: Dixon and Kiyota of Japan start to fall off the pack for the first time, fighting hard to stay in it. USA's Amy Cragg leads for a bit more, there are 15 women and only three medals to give. Less than a half hour in the race now, or at least we'd hope so if they pick it up now.

21 35K Women:

1. Jessica TRENGOVE (AUS) 02:03:47
2. Amy CRAGG (USA) 02:03:47
3. Edna Ngeringwony KIPLAGAT (KEN) 02:03:47
4. Rose CHELIMO (BRN) 02:03:47
5. Serena BURLA (USA) 02:03:47
6. Shure DEMISE (ETH) 02:03:47
7. Eunice Jepkirui KIRWA (BRN) 02:03:47
8. Mare DIBABA (ETH) 02:03:47
9. Aselefech MERGIA (ETH) 02:03:47
10. Helah Jelagat KIPROP (KEN) 02:03:47
11. Berhane DIBABA (ETH) 02:03:47
12. Flomena Cheyech DANIEL (KEN) 02:03:47
13. Hye-Gyong KIM (PRK) 02:03:47
14. Mao KIYOTA (JPN) 02:03:48
15. Alyson DIXON (GBR) 02:04:02
With Dixon out, the pack is now down to 14 as we hit 35K.

Cragg makes the move! She gets a few steps on the field but Kiplagat and the rest soon regroup to her. Regardless, this is really breaking up the pack.

22 Women: And then there were nine: One Amy Cragg, thee Kenyans, three Ethiopians, and two Kenyan-born Bahraini athletes. Your winner will be one of these!
23 Women: Is this the gold medal move? Rose Chelimo of Bahrain gets the biggest gap on the field since Aly Dixon's so long ago. Kiplagat chases but Cragg remains in 3rd! The medal contenders are now down to just six women! Cragg moves back to 4th but definitely still in medal contention.

24 40K Women:
1. Edna Ngeringwony KIPLAGAT (KEN) 02:20:06
2. Rose CHELIMO (BRN) 02:20:07
3. Amy CRAGG (USA) 02:20:14
4. Flomena Cheyech DANIEL (KEN) 02:20:14
5. Shure DEMISE (ETH) 02:20:31
6. Eunice Jepkirui KIRWA (BRN) 02:20:35
7. Helah Jelagat KIPROP (KEN) 02:20:36
8. Mare DIBABA (ETH) 02:20:42
These five meters are the difference between a World Championship medal, or just fourth place for American Amy Cragg! She's still fighting with just a few minutes left, approaching the 40K! And she shares that medal at 40K, while Kiplagat takes the lead en route to being the first female athlete ever to win three WC golds!

25 Women: Cragg is fighting her hardest for that bronze medal! There are two left in the race for gold, Kiplagat and Chelimo, with Kiplagat having the 5 second lead now and accelerating. But Chelimo isn't giving up! Daniel takes a lead on Cragg but all the medals are still up for grabs!

Chelimo is catching back up to Kiplagat making ground fast!

Your medals are Chelimo, Kiplagat, Cragg!

Men's Race
Updates by Taylor Dutch

1 Men: 5:07 The men are off on the London Bridge in a tightly packed group. They just passed the mile marker and are still very close together. It was unclear where the mile marker was on the live feed, but we're guessing they came through in about 5:07.
2 Men: Bear with us on the mile splits, the live feed that shows only the marathon does not have commentary. We will provide mile splits whenever they are available, but it looks like Yemane Tsegay and his Ethiopian teammates have made a move to the front. Tsegay earned silver at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing.
Men: 15:57 for 5K
Daniel Wanjiru has now made his presence known up front.
4 Men: It looks like the Ethiopian teammates have backed off on the lead. Now Daniele Meucci of Italy is running up front. Meanwhile, the Ethiopians and Kenyans are running on the heels of Meucci and Ayad Lamdassen of Spain who are leading the group. Looks like they are happy to let them do the early work here.
5 Men: Wanjiru is back up front. He is coming off of a victory in this year's London Marathon where he ran a season's best of 2:05. Callum Hawkins of Team Great Britain is moving to the front to the cheers of a home crowd.
6 Men: 31:35 for 10K Hawkins leads the pack through the first 10K split. The British athlete finished ninth at the 2016 Olympic Games.
7 Men: Hawkins continues to run up front. Wanjiru and Tsegay are trailing about a second behind along with the rest of the pack. Elkanah Kibet of the U.S. has moved closer to the front and is running right behind Hawkins.
8 Men: Elkanah was seventh at the Hamburg Marathon this year with a season's best of 2:13. He is still running directly behind Hawkins who is just a few steps ahead of the pack.
9 Men: 46:56 for 15K Hawkins' reign over the lead is over. Tsegay has assumed the leader role. He is presumably trying to improve on his silver medal performance from Beijing in 2015. He has only raced once before today, a 12th-place finish at the Boston Marathon in April.

The Eritreans are working together up front and bring the pack through the 15K in 46:56. Amanuel Mesel crossed the split first and was followed by Tsegay and Tanzania teammates Jafary and Simbu. In 2015, Mesel's Eritrean countryman Ghirmay Ghebreslassie won the world championship title and it looks like Mesel is attempting to carry that legacy.
10 Men: The pace has been increased and is now at 2:12 finishing pace with new leaders Kenyan teammates Kipketer and Kirui who are throwing down together. Now the pack has really strung out with these two at the helm.
11 Men: Geoffrey Kirui and Gideon Kipketer have injected some pace, but haven't pulled away just yet, and as I write this, Hawkins is back up front.
12 Men: 1:02:15 for 20K The pack blew through the 10K mark in 1:02.15, led by Kipketer with a tight front pack behind him. The last 5K split was run in 15:18 so the pace has been gradually ramping up from the initial 15:57 first 5K split.
13 (& Half Marathon) Men: 1:05:28 half marathon For the first time in this race, Tamirat Tola of Ethiopia has taken the lead and brings the top pack through the half marathon point in 1:05.28.

The race has officially opened up with Tola, Kipketer and Kirui making a dramatic break from the rest of the field. Within seconds, the race has been narrowed down to three men--two Kenyans and a lone Ethiopian.
14 Men: Almost as quickly, Kipketer has already been dropped from the top pack! Kirui is looking around for his teammate, but Kipketer couldn't keep the pace. Now it's Tola and Kirui. But it doesn't look like Kipketer is too far back based on the angle of the feed, maybe five seconds or so.
Men: 1:16 for 25K If Tola can keep this going, it would mark an incredible year of breakthroughs for him. He earned an Olympic bronze medal in the 10K last summer and ran a personal best of 2:04 to win the Dubai Marathon in January.

The top pack really injected some pace here and blazed through that last 5K split in around 14:29, waaaaay faster compared to the early splits.
16 Men: So Kirui is one step ahead of Tola now and Kipketer has dropped back once again. Kirui has also experienced breakthroughs this year, including a Boston Marathon victory against Galen Rupp in April. Kirui beat Rupp with a merciless surge over the last few miles in Boston. In hot conditions, he ran a season's best of 2:09, which was three minutes off of his 2:06 PB from last year, but showed his resilience in tough weather conditions.
17 Men: As of right now, it looks like Tola and Kirui are a lock for the top two spots as Kipketer is not even in the camera shot anymore. It's just a matter of who will make the final decisive move and when will it happen?

Just saw that Kipketer is 18 seconds behind them.
18 Men: 1:31:28 for 30K The top two have crossed the 30K mark together in 1:31:28. Kipketer is now 23 seconds back on the leaders Kirui and Tola.

Elkanah Kibet is the top American at the moment and came through the 30K mark in 14th-place, 1:59 behind the leaders.
19 Men: Now Tola has surged ahead of Kirui, it appears that he has a few seconds on him now. Looks like Kirui wasn't expecting that move and hasn't been able to respond to it. Tola is surging now and looks very comfortable grabbing his water bottles. The lead is growing and it looks like Tola is safely ahead of Kirui now.
20 Men: Tola keeps looking back to make sure his lead is secure, but Kirui is barely in the camera shot. It looks like Tola's lead is safe...for now.
21 Men: 1:46:11 for 35K Kirui might be finding a second wind, he does look like he has closed the gap. So Tola's last 5K was around 14:45, now waiting on the next official split.

WOW Kirui has come back and is now leading Tola who is riding his heels! That move must have happened really quickly, the feed was showing the rest of the field when it happened, but Kirui was a good 50 meters back the last time we saw him.

Now Kirui is at least 100 meters ahead of Tola! And his lead is growing dramatically!

The 35K split doesn't quite reflect this crazy move, but Kirui was one second ahead of Tola at the 35K. he is now at least 100 meters ahead of his competitor. We've seen this kind of big move before when Kirui broke Rupp in Boston.
22 Men: So Kirui's last 5K split was 14:43. He definitely had to fight his way back to catch Tola, but made it happen.

The race for silver and bronze will be interesting. At 35K, Tola was in a safe second-place position and behind him, Alphonce Felix Simbu was running for third over a minute behind him. He has some company with Gideon Kipketer though. Simbu and Kipketer came through within a second of each other at the 35K mark.
23 Men: Kirui still looks really safe up front, but it sounds like Callum Hawkins is making his way towards a podium finish. He's moving towards the third-place position behind Simbu and Kipketer.
24 Men: 2:01:36 for 40K This is an outstanding performance for Kirui. If he wins this race, he will be a world champion and Boston Marathon champion in the same year.

Hawkins is definitely closing the gap on Kipketer for a potential third-place finish. He has now passed Kipketer, but he still needs to catch Simbu if he wants to finish third.
25 Men: Kirui has this race in the bag. At 40K, he had 52 seconds on Tola and he looks extremely strong. Kirui is getting cheers from the crowd as he enters the final portion of the race.

Also hearing that Simbu is closing the gap on Tola in a potential battle for second.

26/Finish 1st - Geoffrey Kirui 2:08:27
2nd - Tamirat Tola 2:09:49
3rd - Alphonce Felix Simbu 2:09:51
4th - Callum Hawkins 2:10:17

Geoffrey Kirui is your world champion with a winning time of 2:08:27! The victory follows an incredible year that also included a Boston Marathon title.

Tamirat Tola hangs on for second in 2:09:49, and Alphonce Felix Simbu finishes third in 2:09:51!

Elkanah Kibet takes top American honors, in 16th with his 2:15:14 showing.