New Alliance Significantly Expands Flocasts Reach in the Running Market
AUSTIN, TX, June 12, 2012 - Flocasts, a digital media company specializing in video content and sports communities, has signed a multifaceted agreement with MileSplit, the largest network of high school running sites on the Internet. The alliance will significantly expand Flocasts' advertising reach and distribution within the running market, adding depth to its current running verticals of Flotrack and Flotrail. The partnership will produce the largest collection of media sources online for core running participants and fans of competitive running, with a combined reach of 2 million unique visitors a month. A key aspect of this partnership will give Flocasts exclusive sales responsibility for the combined media assets.
Mark Floreani, Flocasts Co-Founder and CMO said, "The goal of Flocasts is to elevate the sports that we cover. For too long the sport of competitive running has been fragmented. I am very excited about the MileSplit Flocasts partnership, because now there is a media platform that focuses strictly on the sport of running with a goal of growing the sport and reaching the core runner and running influencer.” The Flocasts and MileSplit demographic is at the core of the running market, and sets trends that influence the rest of the 49 Million runners in the US. This audience is a highly active consumer purchasing 4 pairs of shoes a year or more, running 10 or more races, and investing considerable amounts of money and time on their passion for running.
MileSplit, founded in 1997, has dedicated its resources over the last 15 years to become the leader in High School running on the Internet with local sites in all fifty states in addition to national, collegiate, and several international sites. Jason Byrne, Founder and CEO, said, "We are thrilled to announce the partnership with Flotrack. It's hard to over-state the importance of the alliance of the two leaders in the running space. We believe the synergy of our two companies is not only going to have a positive impact for our own interests, but help to elevate the coverage of the sport as a whole and strengthen the business value for companies within the industry."
MileSplit and Flocasts have proven they are committed to the sport of running and with this multi-year partnership both companies are excited to take the next step of growth and innovation together. 
About Flocasts:
Flocasts is the pioneer and leading provider of digital media content to the worlds of Running, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Mountain Biking and Cyclocross.  Flocasts has an extensive network of contributors and core technology that makes Flocasts the destination for on-line video content in the sports we serve. Flocasts is headquartered in Austin, Texas.  For more information visit www.flocasts.com.  
Press & Sales Contact: 
Patrick Hitchins
VP of Sales, Flocasts LLC
About MileSplit:
MileSplit is the nation’s premier source for high school track & field and cross country. The company embraces the niche and believes that the heart of the sport is on the local, grassroots level. MileSpilt's extensive database and proprietary software aid its local affiliates and allows for an unprecedented depth of coverage and statistics. Its RaceTab Meet Manager and online registration products have also become pillars, doubling their marketshare year over year. MileSplit is headquartered in Longwood, Florida.
MileSplit, Inc.
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