The former 3000m steeplechase world champion, Moses Kiptaniu, confirms that there is a widespread use of illegal drugs in Kenya. In an interview with BBC’s John Nene, Kiptaniu explains that he has had conversations with banned Kenyan athlete, Mathew Kisorio, concerning information about the use of drugs among the Kenyan athletes.
Kiptaniu said, “... Matthew Kisorio had admitted and has been banned. And he has come out very clearly that he used the drugs and used with the knowledge of very few people within [Kenya]. And I understand he gave out a list of athletes who use these banned substances.”
Kisorio was a former African junior champion at 5000m and 10000m before testing positive for an anabolic steroid after the Kenyan championships last June.
Kiptaniu added, “He also took them to the place where they later used the drug... Somewhere in Naiobi. But nobody has been suspended and nobody has been prosecuted. No investigation has taken place...”
Listen to the full interview below (via BBC World Service Radio)