Pistorius' Affidavit Read at Hearing on Tuesday Morning

Pistorius' Affidavit Read at Hearing on Tuesday Morning

Early Tuesday morning, South African and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius revealed his side of the story from the night he killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. This was the first time Pistorius has issued any statement since the news broke on Thursday morning.

At the bail hearing, Pistorius claims he accidentally shot her through a locked door to his bathroom. Pistorius did not have his prosthetics at the time and he believed there was an intruder, so he shot at the door and then realized Steenkamp was not in his bed.

Pistorius attempted to kick down the door after putting on his prosthetic legs, but was unsuccessful so he used a cricket bat to break it open. He tried to revive her downstairs and waited for help to come, but she died in his arms. He did not flee the scene and remained put until police arrived.

Pistorius' defense team argued against the premeditated murder charges saying Pistorius did not know Steenkamp was behind the locked door until after he fired his shots.

Pistorius sobbed as the affidavit was read aloud. Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair stopped and told him to compose himself in the middle of the reading. After composing himself, the reading continued saying Pistorius has received death threats in the past, so he sleeps with his 9mm pistol under his bed.

The prosecution team claims Steenkamp was spending the night at Pistorius' home (a bag with overnight contents was reportedly found.) Steenkamp locked herself in the bathroom after an argument with Pistorius, which is when he proceeded to fire four shots into the door. Steenkamp was hit with three of them.

The motive for the murder will be argued at a later time. The prosecutors noted that Pistorius would have been charged with murder even if it was believed there was a burglar in the house. The defense team disputes the charge saying  it is only known that she was locked in there and was shot.

"I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder," Pistorius' affidavit reads, "Let alone premeditated murder because I had no intention to kill my girlfriend."

The hearing will continue on Wednesday as Nair will decide if Pistorius is eligible for bail. He has spent each night in jail since the shooting. 

As for the start of his trial, BBC's Andrew Harding is told we may be within a year away from that. 
Link to News 24's full affidavit notes

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