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Elite Athletes React to Boston Marathon Explosions

Elite Athletes React to Boston Marathon Explosions
Whether they were in their hotel rooms or in the dining area, elite Boston Marathon runners had no idea of the bigger story they would become a part of as they heard and felt the boom of two bombs exploding at the race's finish line. 

It was not until the sound of sirens signaled something was wrong. 

According to several reports, the bombing killed three people and injured 144. The Fairmont Copley hotel was put on lock down and our crew of Ryan Fenton, Mitch Kastoff, and Justin Britton were inside for more than three hours. 

Before cell phone service was shut down to prevent a remote detonation, many of the athletes responded to text messages and calls asking about their safety. Others went through social media outlets to update their friends and families. 

While inside the hotel, Fenton had a chance to catch up with a few of the professional runners. The interviews have been embedded with a few quotes transcribed. 

Kara Goucher, 34 (Nike)
Where was she? Hotel room with her mother, sister, aunt, and husband Adam.

- "It shook the windows. It shook us and I immediately started crying." 

- "It was like slow motion and a lot of crying. I was scared to come down for dinner tonight. now I'm so glad I came down."

- "It puts everything in perspective and it kind of makes you feel stupid like 'Oh I was just out running'...I know I really don't feel that way, but that's just what terrorists do. They make you feel scared and take away your joy...Right now its hard to really feel excited about the race, because there are so many people suffering right now." 

- "There's a lot of beautiful people here." 

Jason Hartmann, 31

- "This is suppose to be an event where you celebrate whether you're first or last. It's an accomplishment to finish a marathon and then you've got all these people supporting them. From the start to the finish, there are people cheering whether you're the first place guy or the 27,000th person."

- "This is sport. This is not warfare. This a sport where you're suppose to put down your sword. You're suppose to celebrate though hard competition, whether it's yourself or the person next to you and that didn't happen."

- "It is now another spectrum that now our sport has to deal with and I think it will change the complexion of our sport. You have to prepare for this now. It's unfortunate."

- "It's a complete 180. You hope no one is hurt, You hope no one is dead. I have a blister in my foot, but it feel less significant now than it did before this stuff. It just makes you cherish the life you have."

Diane Nukuri-Johnson, 28 (Asics)
Where was she? Eating with other athletes, coaches, and agents in the dining area.

- "I thought I heard thunder, but it was too loud to be thunder."

- "We just kind of freaked out. We didn't really know what was going on, but once we found out there was a bomb it was pretty scary. To think that's where we all finished today and that's where people got injured." 

- "It feels like you're watching a movie or a dream. Even now, I think we're all still shocked and sad."
- Anyone with info surrounding the incident is urged to call 1-800-494-TIPS. 

- Google has provided a document with listings of places to stay for runners stranded in Boston. 

- The Red Cross released a statement on the explosions. With enough blood and financial resources, they ask people to stay safe and register at redcross.org/safeandwell to connect with others. 
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