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    Best of 2010 - Most Dominant Athlete


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    The only hurdler to break the 13 second barrier in 2010, David Oliver did it 5 times! Oliver took down the former World Record holder, the current World Record holder and Olympic Champ, and the 2009 World Champ. So who'd he loose to?? NO ONE! Oliver hammered through the year leaving everyone in his wake and putting his name a top the list for hurdlers to beat in 2011. He set a new American Record in Paris with a 12.89, only .02 off the World Record. With three men that have run 12.87 (Robles), 12.88 (Xiang) and 12.89 all back for the Daegu World Championships, the hurdles are shaping up to be one of the most exciting events this coming year!

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