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    Perdita Felicien on longevity and staying at the top


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    Perdita Felicien, the 2003 World Champion for the 100 hurdles, has experience much success over her career. In her 9th season as professional hurdler, Felicien is still known as one of the best in the world. She has battled ups and downs over the years, winning in 2003 and heading into the 2004 Olympic Games as the favorite for gold only to fall in the finals. Her medal count at the World Championships is impressive with a gold in '03 and a silver in 2007, both outdoors. She won gold at World indoors in the 60m hurdles and also won silver a year ago in 2010.

    As she heads into the 2011 Daegu World Champs and London 2012, Perdita aims to be the best in the world and continues to shoot for gold.

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