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    Geoffrey Mutai fastest marathon ever 2:03:02 and champion of 2011 Boston Marathon


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    Video- Geoffrey Mutai ran the fastest marathon ever at the 2011 Boston Marathon running 2:03:02, almost a minute faster than Haile Gebrselassie's record setting run of 2:03:59 in Berlin in 2008. Geoffrey Mutail was the 2011 World Cross Country Champion and now has 4 Marathon victories to his career. Last year at the Rotterdam Marathon Mutai finished second in 2:04:54 and before that had run a half marathon of 59:30 in 2009. Mutai battled with the field that included Ryan Hall who led much of the early race and then held off a challenge from countryman Moses Mosop who ran the fastest debut marathon of all-time in 2:03:06. Mutai won $225,000 for his 2011 Boston Marathon win for the overall win, course record and world record time. The Boston Marathon course is not certified for international or American records to be set, so the time does not count as an official record.

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