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    Foot Locker Top Moments From The Past Decade - #2 Battle of 3 Former Champs


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    The #2 Top Foot Locker Moment from the past decade comes from the girls race in 2008, the 30th Anniversary Running. The race was highly anticipated because for the first time in the 3 decades of the championship, 3 former champs were facing off in one race. Jordan Hasay won as a freshman in 2005 and was back for her 4th time. Kathy Kroeger won in 2006 as a sophomore and Ashley Brasovan won the previous year, 2007 as a junior. In fact, Kroeger was 2nd in 2007 and Hasay was 3rd. These race lived up to the hype and then some as some of the non-former champs wanted to put their stamp on the race as well, most notably one Allie McLaughlin.

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