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    Alberto Salazar on Galen's 3:50 mile race at BU


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    "What's the workout, coach," says Rupp after running 3:50. Salazar is pleased with the effort, but there are still some small kinks to work out (ex: finishing kick when alone). But Salazar explains that Galen has been running some of the best workouts this winter and he was waiting for a race like this to happen. Mileage, workouts, and an explanation for why they're doing a post-race 4 - 5 mile tempo run at 4:50 to 4:40.

    Good day for Alberto's camp is an understatement:
    - Watch Galen Run go for the Indoor American Mile Record
    - Rupp Interview after mile record attempt
    - Watch Mary Cain destroy the National HS Indoor Mile record
    - Cain Interview after setting mile record

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