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    Galen Rupp post-3:50 mile indoor tempo


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    Flotrack's Best of 2013 - Workout of the Year
    The workout itself was not what made us stare in was that we were witnessing a new perspective on training. The sheer pandemonium of the BU crowd, coupled with the raw speed of Rupp on a machine that honestly, we didn't think could move this fast, made this episode of WOW the run away winner for workout of the year.

    No rest for the weary. Galen went straight off the track and on to a treadmill. Flotrack followed Alberto, Dorian and Rupp for what has become a staple in the Projects training regimen.

    4 Mile Treadmill Tempo --> 4:50-4:30 Cutdown + 150 Blowouts

    Watch full video of Galen's 3:50 mile run at BU
    Watch Galen's interview after running 3:50 indoors in the mile at BU.

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