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    M 600 H01 (Invite - Cas Loxsom Sets American Collegiate Record 1:15.79)


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    Cas Loxsom sets the American Collegiate record in the 600 meters running 1:15.79. Loxsom was slightly off the overall collegiate record of 1:15.60 and only .09 off the American Record which was set by Duane Solomon only hours before overseas in Glasgow. Before today the American record was 1:15.80

    Event 17 Men 600 Meter Run Inv
    Facility: F 1:16.19 2001 Tom Gerding, Minnesota
    PSU: P 1:16.66 2012 Casimir Loxsom
    Name Year School Finals
    1 Loxsom, Casimir SR Penn State 1:15.79F
    2 Hiltner, Jake JR Akron 1:18.93
    3 Pryce, J'Lani SR Akron 1:19.80
    -- Brennan, Ryan SO Penn State DNF

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