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    The Munchy Marathon V


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    The Munchy Marathon was created by Massapequa, NY native, Andrew Valenski five years ago and has grown in vast popularity with the help of volunteers and the newly elected Vice President of the event, Bryan Buttigieg. "The Munchy Marathon involves a highly questionable mix of unhealthy dietary delights mixed with healthy aerobic activity, culminating in an out-and-back 5km run" says Pete Colaizzo (Marist College XC/T&F Coach).
    The Munchy Marathon V took place on July 27th, 2013 and the race is laid out as followed:
    - Drink a milkshake
    - Run approximately a quarter mile
    - Drink a glass of milk and eat glazed donuts
    - Run approximately 3/4 mile
    - Eat a cinnamon bun and drink a WARM coke
    - Run a mile
    - Play broom game (30 spins, and jump over broom)
    - Run a mile to the finish

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