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    B 800 H01 (Andres Arroyo 1:47.79, #6 High School 800 All-Time)


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    Flotrack's Best of 2013 - Jaw Dropping
    During 2013 Colonial High School's Andres Arroyo had already run a 49.09 for 400 meters and a nation leading 4:04.45 for 1600 meters, but the 2013 Florida Relays would be where he found his sweet spot. On April 4, 2013 Andres Arroyo ran 1:47.79 for 800 meters which at the time was the fastest 800m in 2013 by ANY American male athlete (HS/college/pro/etc.) and was the 7th fastest 800m in the world. The mark broke the Florida state HS 800m record and also now ranks Arroyo as the 4th-fastest 800m performer in HS history (6th fastest time). For the commentators, Ryan Fenton and Alex Lohr, you can literally sense their jaws drop in the final 100 meters as they realize what is about to happen...

    Watch Andres Arroyo interview surprised after running 1:47 for 800m.
    Read more about Arroyo's record setting 800 meter run here.

    Event 28 Boys 800 Meter Run High School
    Relays: R 1:52.61 2010 Isiah Smith, Lake Weir
    Name Year School Finals H#
    1 Andres Arroyo Colonial High Sc 1:47.79R 1
    2 Donnie Lee Tuscalossa County 1:52.40R 1
    3 Andres Littig 12 North Gwinnett 1:52.93 1
    4 Chris Jackson 12 Dunnellon 1:53.90 1
    5 Adel Yoonis Wheeler High School 1:54.90 1
    6 Jeramey Hampton 10 North Gwinnett 1:55.00 1
    7 Jose Cartagena 12 Estero 1:55.06 1

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