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    WOW: Symmonds and Mulder's Final Speed Session Before London


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    Nick Symmonds is tired of being in last with 200-meters to go. Tyler Mulder is tired of running 1:44 over 800-meters. Two of the middle distance stars of the Oregon Track Club and the United States stepped to track for one last speed session before racing at the Anniversary Games this weekend. Six of the twelve runners in the race are American.

    Symmonds believes he is the strongest 800-meter runner headed into Moscow after running 3:34 in Paris. The mission is now to prove he is the fastest.

    2 x 200-meters (Target: 22 to 22.5 second range)
    Rest for five minutes between each rep
    2 x 150-meters (Target: 16.5 to 17.5 second range)
    Rest for five minutes between each rep
    Rest for 10 minutes after the set
    Five laps of striding the straightaways and jogging the curves (Target: 16 for the straights and 25 for the curves)

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