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    Ready to debut, Matt Tegenkamp talks Chicago Marathon


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    Matt Tegenkamp will make his 26.2 mile debut at the 2013 Chicago Marathon. Considering his lifetime bests of 3:34, 7:35, 12:58, and 27:28, his first marathon comes with great anticipation and excitement about the potential of his performance. In this interview, Teg discusses the journey to his first marathon after experiencing frustration on the track in recent years. He also reveals who he will draft off of in the Windy City for the first half of the race.

    1:15 - When Teg knew when he was going to move up to the marathon and how life on the track has been the last few years.
    3:10 - How the marathon is different on the body.
    4:00 - What worries Teg about the distance?
    5:25 - Teg's overall goal for Chicago (Twitter question). Disappointed with anything over 2:10?
    6:20 - Other than time, what is Teg looking to accomplish in Chicago? Where does he look to finish?
    7:15 - Any particular workout where Teg knew he was ready for this race?
    9:50 - Best way to block the wind in Chicago? There may be some help from a certain teammate...
    11:00 - How is Teg going to stay focused on those last few crucial miles?
    12:30 - If Ritz and Centro race the two-mile, does Teg think his American Record will fall?

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