I’ve never blocked out an entire afternoon to watch ice dancing or read the various biographies of the women’s 60m entries, but here I am, in my Team USA gear, screaming the national anthem like Carl Lewis.

Since it’s an off-year with no World Championships being held outdoors, a ticket to Sopot, Poland is everyone’s only chance at winning a world medal this year. Because whether you win a silver medal in the 100m, like Lauryn Williams, or a silver medal in the two-woman bobsled, like Lauryn Williams, that piece of history still says “Olympics” on it. The same goes for the IAAF World Championships.

Below, we’ve previewed the six running events for both the men and women. There’s plenty of added drama, too. Remember: only the top two get a spot on the team. And, as an added bonus, Albuquerque, New Mexico is at 5,100 feet.

Men's Events Women's Events
60m 60m
400m 400m
800m 800m
1500m 1500m
3000m 3000m
60mH 60mH