The oddest news of the day comes from the Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) in Italy, where a distance runner attempted to cheat a doping test by using a "fake penis" after a road 10,000-meter race this weekend. 

"Devis Licciardi, an athlete for the Italian Air Force team, allegedly filled up a fake penis with urine uncontaminated by banned substances and tried to use it during a test at the race to proclaim Italy's 10km road-running champion at Molfetta, near Bari." via ANSA

Licciardi finished in last place in the 5,000-meter run at the 49th Palio Citta della Quercia in Italy, where he ran 13:59.16. 

Not related to running, but a St. Louis area man also attempted to pass a drug test by using a fake organ in March. He now faces a felony charge for doing so. The device used is called a Whizzinator, which can be purchased online and mailed discreetly for personal use. 

The World Anti-Doping Agency will hold its 2013 Conference on Doping in Sports from November 12 to 15 in Johannesburg. In the meantime, Licciardi will go before the Comitato Olimpico Nationale Italiano, the Italian Olympic Commitee, for a disciplinary hearing in Rome.