100 km bandlopen Record AVLO 15-12-2013 from Firelight BVBA on Vimeo.

    100km Treadmill Guinness World Record by AV Lokeren


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    On 14/12/13, AV Lokeren (Belgium) smashed the Guinness World Record 100km treadmill (team).

    Twelve athletes only needed 5 hours 1 minute 20.75 seconds to complete the full distance, more quickly than anyone had ever done before. The benchmark to beat was 5 hours 24 minutes 10 seconds, set by an Australian team featuring triple Iron Man Champ Craig Alexander. This meant that they needed to keep the treadmill running at over 18.5km/hour. Eventually they almost ran 20km/hour on average.

    The team included only athletes of the track and field club of Lokeren (Belgium).

    Their names: Wouter Steyfkens, Joris Keppens, Ruben Van Praet, Levi Hoste, Toon De Bruyne, Kevin Bonnaerens, Davy De Schryver, Dieter Vanstreels, Steven De Loose, Pieterjan De Bosscher, Stijn D'heer, Berten de Vleeschauwer

    Their average age: just over 24.

    This is just the final epic minutes.

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