Monday Morning Coffee Talk
Flotrack news and links for January 27th, 2014

Happy Monday Flotrack! I didn't watch too much of the Grammys last night, but I caught most of it anyway since everyone with access to internet tweeted about it the whole time. Thanks to everyone for those real-time updates about Beyonce! Maybe this is how you all feel when we live-tweet a track and field meet for 13 consecutive hours? Twitter is a wonderful resource, but evidently has its limits. For example, I once tried to live-tweet a funeral and was immediately removed and stricken from someone's will. Make up your mind, social norms!

And now the "news" from the weekend

Every Wednesday, Ryan Fenton and I do a workout together. It's nothing big, we make sure our cool down ends at this one bar and burger joint so we can help speed up our "recovery." Last week, we jogged our last mile in about 8:05. Galen Rupp just ran two miles in 8:07 and then did a 5 x mile workout afterwards. Priorities.

An informative and heartfelt blog post from Alan Webb's wife, Julia Webb + throwback pictures of Alan from high school = two thumbs up.

My stance on the issue hasn't changed since the summer:


"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and Kenyans being taxed by both foreign and their federal governments." - Benjamin Franklin

Obligatory Ivy League post.

At the University of Kentucky, North Dakotan and Oregon senior Laura Roesler ran the 2nd fastest indoor 800m in NCAA history. The 2nd fastest. I bet everyone in the northernmost Dakota was celebrating this weekend. Not that it needs perspective, but Roesler's time of 2:01.32 would have put her fifth in the state last year for all high school boys. Again, this information isn't needed, but we needed to fill the space with something other than "Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky."

Play us off, Neil Diamond!