Friday Morning Coffee Talk
Flotrack news and links for February 7th, 2014

Happy Friday Flotrack! Well, that's it. Dibaba has broken two world records in less than a week. Some people are calling it the fastest legitimate mark, ever. I don't know what to make of it, yet. Instead, I'm just going to leave the following tweets here, for posterity.

And now the "news"

It's being equaled to "weeding their school playgrounds, tidying classrooms, removing graffiti, or reporting to school early." In other news, sales of "My sport is your sport's punishment" t-shirt sales plummet.

Trouble in TrackTown, USA? After Pepsi spent all that money on the Super Bowl halftime, I wouldn't expect them to have anything left over for Oregon's home meet.

Ugh, bureaucracy; you're the worst.

Why couldn't the new drug be "highly detectable." Throw us a bone here, cheaters.