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    W 1k F01 (Mary Cain 1K world junior record 2:39.25)


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    Mary Cain runs 2:39.25 to break the world junior record in the 1000 meters and takes the win at the 2014 BU Multi Team Meet in Boston. Cain's run surpasses Diana Richburg's (USA) 2:40.1 from 1982.

    Event 9 Women 1000 M Run
    BU Record: M 2:44.51 2/10/2007 Amy Mortimer, Reebok
    Name Year Team Finals
    Section 2
    1 Cain, Mary Nike Oregon Project 2:39.25M
    2 Clement, Treniere Nike Oregon Project 2:39.32M
    3 Bolduc, Emma Sacred Heart 2:59.86
    4 Tagoai, Ashli Boston U. 3:00.37
    5 Judge, Karie Umass Lowell 3:01.21
    6 Hahne, Jennifer Sacred Heart 3:03.96
    -- Dorr, Fawn Brooks DNF

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