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    Mary Cain after breaking the World Junior 1k Record in Boston!


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    Mary Cain post-race interview after her 1k world junior record. Plans were originally to break the American senior record in the 1k, but the pace slowed during the second 200m and the lofty goal of 2:34.19 became unattainable. Mary managed to run 2:39.25 to nab yet another record and win the 2014 BU Multi Team Meet.

    Cain's run surpasses Diana Richburg's (USA) 2:40.1 from 1982 on
    the all-time list. She is now the 8th best American all-time at the event.

    Watch Cain's record run here

    Cain now owns American Junior records in the following events:
    1000m - 2:39.25
    1500m - 4:04.62
    Mile - 4:28.25
    3000m - 9:04.51
    2 miles - 9:38.68

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