2017 Lobo XC Invitational

Results provided by Live Running Results
1Kelati, WeiniUnattached-New Mexico16:59.8
2Koech, LilianUTEP17:32.1
3Weiler, ElizabethNew Mexico17:36.2
4Laverty, SarahNew Mexico17:43.9
5Buck, AlexUnattached-New Mexico17:51.1
6Sanderson, JennyUnattached18:15.7
7Eckel, SophieNew Mexico18:29.8
8Cheruiyot, LindaUTEP18:40.4
9Casey, KieranNew Mexico18:48.4
10Scott, LydiaFresno State18:51.0
11Kelly, KendallNew Mexico19:01.0
12Reyes, ElizabethNew Mexico19:05.6
13Dunne, KathleenFresno State19:13.0
14Gomez, NicholeNew Mexico State19:28.8
15Wahlenmaier, EmmaUNLV19:30.3
16Dicker, SamanthaNew Mexico19:38.0
17Eskin, LindyUNLV19:41.5
18Koyama, KyokoUnattached-New Mexico19:42.5
19Salazar, LeahNew Mexico State19:55.6
20Hanson, CorinneNew Mexico State20:08.5
21Moore, SpencerUNLV20:18.8
22Klumb, KarolinNew Mexico State20:25.6
23Aguilera, MeghanNew Mexico State20:29.8
24Rovere, ElisaUNLV20:32.9
25Rivera, CristalFresno State20:35.1
26Shields, SamiFresno State20:45.3
27Pacheco, NicoletteNew Mexico State20:53.6
28Deardorff, KassidyUNLV20:57.8
29Marrujo, NataliaNew Mexico Highlands21:01.1
30Butler, TaylorNew Mexico Highlands21:07.2
31Lucero, AndreaUTEP21:14.1
32Walker, AnnelisFresno State21:24.7
33Quintana, JaymeNew Mexico Highlands21:49.3
34Snow, NicoleUNLV22:13.3
35Garcia, JayleneNew Mexico Highlands23:55.2
36McLean, TamiaNew Mexico Highlands24:04.9
37Howe, LaceyNew Mexico Highlands24:22.2
38Willis, AmiqueNew Mexico Highlands27:07.1
39Molinar, AnaUTEP29:38.1
1Palm, AlexanderUnattached-New Mexico15:19.5
2Kurui, CollinsNew Mexico Highlands15:24.4
3Kosgei, AntonyUTEP15:31.9
4Crowe-Wright, IanNew Mexico15:34.7
5Mendoza, JesusDukes Track Club15:37.3
6Glen, JonnyNew Mexico15:45.2
7Houghton, KristopherDukes Track Club15:48.0
8Potter, TaylorNew Mexico15:49.8
9Reyes, EfrenFresno State15:50.7
10Purcella, CoreyDukes Track Club15:53.5
11Perdomo, SalvatorDukes Track Club15:59.0
12Valdez, TylerNew Mexico16:09.0
13Gonzalez, JoelFresno State16:18.2
14Kipkogei, KennedyNew Mexico Highlands16:23.4
15Valicka, ChristopherDukes Track Club16:24.3
16Armijo, JesseDukes Track Club16:34.7
17Sleeter, GavinNew Mexico16:38.2
18Graham, ChrisNew Mexico16:41.8
19Founds, MatthewFresno State16:46.9
20Koech, JonahUTEP16:46.9
21Chenoweth, ZachDukes Track Club16:50.3
22Saruni, MichaelUTEP16:57.3
23Huffman, OliverNew Mexico Highlands16:58.9
24Aispuro, JoseFresno State17:05.1
25Godfrey, DylanNew Mexico State17:05.5
26Mitchel, AlekosFresno State17:09.0
27Viano, MichaelFresno State17:15.7
28Hill, MattNew Mexico State17:25.4
29Walker, RyanFresno State17:28.4
30Tanui, RaymondNew Mexico Highlands17:30.4
31Goodson, KurkNew Mexico State17:45.6
32Wilke, LukeNew Mexico State17:47.0
33Araiza, EricNew Mexico State17:47.8
34David, LuceroNew Mexico Highlands19:46.6
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