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    FTW - Flo Talk Weekly Episode 6


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    This week, FTW has a special guest host to talk about previews for the Footlocker and NXN Championships, in addition to giving a recap of this seasons top performers from Europe and looking ahead to the Diamond Leagues next stop in Stockholm.

    Hot Thread of the Week

    Footlocker/NXC 2010 Thread

    FTW Flodown
    African Championships Results
    European Championships Results
    NBN 2Mile
    Wheating After Monaco
    Last 2 Laps Solinsky's 10k Record
    Stockholm Golden League

    FloNetwork News
    Webb Back up to Speed on Flynn Sports Mgmt
    Katie Follett Blog from Europe on Run Brooks
    Doyle Walks Away From Plane Crash
    Queen Harrison's Post Collegiate Debut 
    Mottram 3k on Athleticos 

    Flo Five
    #5 Hanson Marathon Workout
    #4 Euro 200
    #3 Get to Know David Torrence 
    #2 Kenta Bell on the State of Jumps
    #1 Team Cook Massage Journey