2023 Penn Relays presented by Toyota

Penn Relays 2023 Schedule For Thursday

Penn Relays 2023 Schedule For Thursday

Here's the Penn Relays 2023 schedule and what to know.

Apr 26, 2023 by Gordon Mack
Penn Relays 2023 Schedule For Thursday

The Penn Relays begins at 9 a.m. EST from Franklin Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as high school and college teams look to win the Championship of America.

Penn Relays 2023 Schedule For Friday

Penn Relays 2023 Schedule: Thursday, April 27

101High School Boys' 4x800 Heats9:00 AM 
102High School Boys' 4x800 Heats9:12 AM 
103High School Boys' 4x800 Heats9:25 AM 
104High School Boys' 4x800 Heats9:37 AM 
105PIAA JV/9 Boys 4x1009:50 AM 
106PIAA JV/9 Girls 4x1009:52 AM 
107PIAA Middle School Boys 4x1009:54 AM 
108PIAA Middle School Girls 4x1009:56 AM 
109Camden Diocese Boys 4x1009:58 AM 
110Camden Diocese Girls 4x10010:00 AM 
111South Jersey Middle School Boys 4x10010:02 AM 
112South Jersey Middle School Girls 4x10010:04 AM 
113Wilmington Diocese Boys 4x10010:06 AM 
114Wilmington Diocese Girls 4x10010:08 AM 
115Philadelphia Archdiocese Junior Boys 4x10010:10 AM 
116Philadelphia Archdiocese Junior Girls 4x10010:12 AM 
117Philadelphia Archdiocese Senior Boys 4x10010:14 AM 
118Philadelphia Archdiocese Senior Girls 4x10010:16 AM 
119Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Small Schools Boys 4x10010:18 AM 
120Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Small Schools Girls 4x10010:20 AM 
121Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Large Schools Boys 4x10010:22 AM 
122Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Large Schools Girls 4x10010:24 AM 
123Philadelphia Area Private & Charter Schools Boys 4x10010:26 AM 
124Philadelphia Area Private & Charter Schools Girls 4x10010:28 AM 
125Masters Men's 4x100 40 and older10:30 AM 
126Masters Men’s 4x100 50 and older10:32 AM 
127Masters Men’s 4x100 60 and older10:34 AM 
128Masters Women’s 4x100 40+ / Men’s 70+10:37 AM 
129High School Boys' 4x100 (Heats)10:40 AM 
130High School Boys' 4x100 (Heats)11:10 AM 
131High School Boys' 4x100 (Heats)11:40 AM 
132High School Boys' 4x100 (Heats)12:04 PM 
133High School Boys' Prep School 4x100 Independent12:27 PM 
134Special Olympics 4x100
Presented by Jon C. Burr Foundation
12:30 PM 
135Special Olympics 4x100 Unified
Presented by Benco Dental
12:32 PM 
136Masters Men's 100m dash 40 and older12:40 PM 
137Masters Men's 100m dash 50 and older12:42 PM 
138Masters Men's 100m dash 55 and older12:44 PM 
139Masters Men's 100m dash 60 and older12:47 PM 
140Masters Men's 100m dash 65 and older12:50 PM 
141Masters Men's 100m dash 70 and older12:53 PM 
142Masters Men's 100m dash 75 and older12:56 PM 
143Masters Women's 100m dash 40 and older12:59 PM 
144Masters Women’s 100m dash 60 and older1:02 PM 
145Special Olympics Girls 100m dash
Presented by Penn Dental Medicine
1:05 PM 
146Special Olympics Boys 100m dash
Presented by Delta Dental
1:08 PM 
147High School Boys' 4x4001:10 PM 
148High School Boys' 4x4001:15 PM 
149High School Boys' 4x4001:20 PM 
150High School Boys' 4x4001:24 PM 
151High School Boys' 4x4001:28 PM 
152High School Boys' 4x4001:32 PM 
153High School Boys' 4x4001:36 PM 
154High School Boys' 4x4001:40 PM 
155High School Boys' 4x4001:44 PM 
156High School Boys' 4x4001:48 PM 
157High School Boys' 4x4001:52 PM 
158High School Boys' 4x4001:56 PM 
159High School Boys' 4x4002:00 PM 
160High School Boys' 4x4002:04 PM 
161High School Boys' 4x4002:08 PM 
162High School Boys' 4x4002:12 PM 
163High School Boys' 4x4002:16 PM 
164High School Boys' 4x4002:21 PM 
165High School Boys' 4x4002:26 PM 
166High School Boys' 4x4002:30 PM 
167High School Boys' 4x4002:35 PM 
168High School Boys' 4x4002:39 PM 
169High School Boys' 4x4002:44 PM 
170High School Boys' 4x4002:48 PM 
171High School Boys' 4x4002:53 PM 
172High School Boys' 4x4002:57 PM 
173High School Boys' 4x4003:02 PM 
174High School Boys' 4x4003:06 PM 
175High School Boys' 4x4003:11 PM 
176High School Boys' 4x4003:15 PM 
177High School Boys' 4x4003:20 PM 
178High School Boys' Prep School 4x400 Independent3:25 PM 
179High School Boys' Prep School 4x400 Prep3:30 PM 
180High School Boys' 4x400 Inter-Ac3:35 PM 
181High School Boys' 4x400 Central3:40 PM 
182High School Boys' 4x400 Suburban A3:45 PM 
183High School Boys' 4x400 Suburban ChesMont3:50 PM 
184High School Boys' 4x400 Suburban National3:55 PM 
185High School Boys' 4x400 Suburban American4:00 PM 
186High School Boys' 4x400 Northern Delaware4:05 PM 
187High School Boys' 4x400 South Jersey Small4:10 PM 
188High School Boys' 4x400 South Jersey Large4:15 PM 
189High School Boys' 4x400 Philadelphia Catholic4:25 PM 
190High School Boys' 4x400 Philadelphia Public4:30 PM 
191Masters Women’s 4x400 40 and older4:35 PM 
192Masters Men’s 4x400 60 and older4:40 PM 
193Masters Men's 4x400 50 and older4:45 PM 
194Masters Men's 4x400 40 and older4:50 PM 
201College Women's 400m Hurdles Championship
Presented by Independence Blue Cross
5:00 PM 
202College Men's 400m Hurdles Championship
Presented by College Ave Student Loans
5:20 PM 
203College Women's 1500m Championship
Presented by Coca-Cola
5:40 PM 
204College Men's 1500m Championship
Presented by Coca-Cola
6:00 PM 
205College Women's 3000m Steeplechase Championship
Presented by Core Power
6:20 PM 
206College Men's 3000m Steeplechase Championship
Presented by Core Power
6:50 PM 
207College Women's 5000m Championship
Presented by Independence Blue Cross
7:15 PM 
208College Men's 5000m Championship
Presented by Independence Blue Cross
8:15 PM 
209College Women's 10,000m Championship
Presented by Powering America
9:05 PM 
210College Men's 10,000m Championship
Presented by Powering America
9:45 PM 
601High School Boys' Discus Throw Championship9:00 AM 
602High School Boys' Shot Put Championship9:30 AM 
603High School Boys' Long Jump Championship10:00 AM 
604High School Boys' High Jump Championship10:00 AM 
605High School Boys' Javelin Throw Championship10:00 AM 
606High School Boys' Triple Jump Championship12:00 PM 
607High School Boys' Pole Vault Championship12:00 PM 
608College Women's Hammer Throw College12:00 PM 
609College Women's Hammer Throw Championship2:00 PM 
610College Men's Hammer Throw Championship3:30 PM 
611College Men's Hammer Throw College5:00 PM