Diamond League

What Is The Diamond League? Here's What To Know

What Is The Diamond League? Here's What To Know

Here's everything you need to know about the series of track and field events known as the Diamond League.

Apr 10, 2024 by Matt Cannizzaro

Diamond League, the world-class track and field competition, will be coming to FloTrack and the FloSports app. Starting in 2025, FloSports will be the official broadcast partner of the Diamond League. 

But what is the Diamond League? 

The short answer is the Diamond League is a series of elite track and field competitions organized by the World Athletics. The series consists of 15 meetings, each held in a different city around the world, and culminates in a final competition at the end of the season.

Here's everything you need to know about the Diamond League. 

Diamond League Streaming On FloTrack In 2025

In a major announcement on April 10, FloTrack revealed it will add to its five-star live content schedule by streaming the Wanda Diamond League for U.S. audiences and territories beginning in 2025. 

FloSports, the global sports media company and operator of FloTrack, signed a multi-year media rights agreement with the Wanda Diamond League to distribute the world's very best track and field meets, including events held in London, Monaco, Stockholm and Rome, among others. 

"As a former track athlete, I founded FloSports to cover the sport I love so much," said Mark Floreani, the Chief Executive Officer of FloSports. "To now be the home for the world's preeminent track and field events -- outside of the Olympics -- with Diamond League is near and dear to me.

What Is The Diamond League?

The Diamond League is the top level of a multi-tier group of track & field meets conducted under the World Athletics umbrella.

The one-day meet circuits include a variety of tours — Diamond League, Continental, Indoor, Cross Country, Race Walking and Combined Events — that bring athletes of all ages and skill levels to cities across the globe. 

World Athletics is a global governing authority to more than 200 national member federations, and among the organization’s responsibilities is conducting hundreds of events each year.

In 2019, it was announced there would be a partnership between the Diamond League and the Wanda Group (of China). For 10 years, starting in 2020, Wanda would be the title partner of the series. 

The agreement also included details about media rights, additional events, broadening the reach of the Diamond League and building on the athletics programs available in China, particularly at the youth level. 

More About The Diamond League

Since its inception in 2010, the Diamond League has provided the most elite track & field athletes with a grand stage to showcase their skills, stay sharp for other international events, earn coveted awards and prize money, entertain fans and elevate the status of athletics across the globe.

The concept wasn’t new, however, as the Diamond League served as a rebranding and upgrade for the Golden League, which had been attracting top athletes from around the world since 1998. 

The new iteration aimed to increase the visibility and prestige of the series/events, attract the highest tier of athletes and streamline the schedule, while the introduction of a points-based scoring system made each event equally important.

The Diamond League is a series of more than a dozen invitation-only one-day events each year that bring the top competitors (established and up-and-coming) to cities across four continents — Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The season traditionally runs from May through September.

In recent years, the series has included 14 (now 15) meets that allow competitors to accumulate points in the 16 disciplines, with the top performers in each (determined through heats, semifinals and finals) earning the points in a prize-fund-style “payout.” 

All that hard work hopefully results in being one of the competitors who qualify for the season-ending Diamond League Final. 

Of course, the format alone encourages consistent participation and creates excitement, national pride, drama, rivalries, storylines and an opportunity for fans (in person or livestreaming from afar) to get invested in their favorite athletes, who no doubt will show up to each event prepared and focused on memorable performances.

From the season-long points list, six athletes advance in each field event, eight in the running events of 100-800 meters and 10 in the 1,500 meters and long-distance events. 

When the final event concludes, 32 champions are crowned — one man and one woman for each discipline — from a field that includes the best of the best by that point.

What Are The Disciplines Featured In The Diamond League?

  • 100-Meter Sprints
  • 110-Meter Hurdles 
  • 200-Meter Sprints
  • 400 Meters
  • 400-Meter Hurdles
  • 800 Meters
  • 1,500 Meters
  • 3,000-Meter Steeplechase
  • 3,000/5,000-Meter Race
  • High Jump
  • Long Jump
  • Triple Jump
  • Pole Vault
  • Shot Put
  • Discus Throw
  • Javelin Throw

What Is The Diamond League Schedule For 2024?

The 2024 season, the 15th edition of the Diamond League, is getting started a little earlier, and the overall champions will be determined over two days in Brussels, Belgium. 

The break in the schedule below from late July into late August is due to the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. The athletics events there are scheduled to take place Aug. 1-11.

Based on past releases, the schedule for the 2025 season will be announced in late September 2024.

What Happened At Diamond League 2023?

In 2023, the Diamond League featured 14 events across 12 countries and four continents. It was the 14th edition of the series. 

The Diamond League Final in 2023 took place in Eugene, Oregon, marking the first time it was held in the United States.

Some familiar names who shined in 2023: Sha’Carri Richardson (USA), Christian Coleman (USA), Shericka Jackson (Jamaica), Lamecha Girma, Faith Kipyegon (Kenya) and Jakob Ingebrigtsen (Norway). 

Here is a complete list of the 2023 Diamond League champions.

What Is World Athletics?

World Athletics is a global governing authority to more than 200 national member federations that provides standardization, competition and record keeping for “athletics,” which is the original name for what most refer to as track & field — or disciplines that feature running, jumping and throwing. 

World Athletics was founded in 1912 following the conclusion of the Olympic Games, and though the sport (and the organization’s name) have changed over the last century, the premise remains the same.

World Athletics is there to maintain the intended standards, grow and change with the times, promote the sport to the largest audience possible, encourage as many people as possible to participate in some capacity and provide world-class events that keep athletics in the spotlight and offer grand stages for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Events can be smaller one-day competitions, up to the crown jewel of World Athletics, the World Athletics Championships.

The World Athletics Championships first was held in 1976, and since 1991, it has been held every two years. 

The World Athletics Series calendar for 2024 includes multi-day events for indoor action, U20, cross country, race walking, relays and road running. 

The one-day meet circuits include a variety of tours – Diamond League, Continental, Indoor, Cross Country, Race Walking and Combined Events. 

The World Athletics Continental Tour alone will feature more than 200 events in 2024. 

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