Men's and Women's 5000 meter Semis - Qualifiers

Men's and Women's 5000 meter Semis - Qualifiers

Mens 5K

New Kid on the Block!

Lopez Fastest in the Heats.

1 Lopez Lomong Nike 13:42.81           2 (1)
 2 Bernard Lagat Nike 13:42.83           2 (2)
 3 Benjamin True Saucony 13:43.12           2 (3)
 4 Ryan Hill North Carolina State 13:43.24           2 (4)
 5 Hassan Mead Minnesota 13:44.56           2 (5)
 6 Brandon Bethke Unattached 13:45.21           2 (6)
 7 George Alex Oklahoma 13:45.55           2 (7)
 8 Brent Vaughn Nike 13:45.87           2 (8)
 9 Andrew Bumbalough Nike 13:46.80           1 (1)
 10 Galen Rupp Nike 13:46.82           1 (2)
 11 Trevor Dunbar Oregon 13:49.19           1 (3)
 12 Mohamed Trafeh Nike 13:49.34           1 (4)
 13 Robert Cheseret Unattached 13:49.42           1 (5)
 14 Elliott Heath Stanford 13:49.50           1 (6)
 15 Ian Dobson Nike / Oregon TC Elite 13:49.62           2 (9)
 16 Scott Bauhs Unattached 13:50.86           1 (7)
 17 Yosef Ghebray Unattached 13:51.65             1 (8)
 18 Dan Lowry Brown University 13:56.08             1 (9)
 19 Stephen Furst adidas Raleigh Track Club 13:56.16             2 (10)
 20 Jacob Riley Hansons-Brooks Distance Projec 13:59.73             1 (10)
 21 Alan Webb Nike 14:01.25             1 (11)
 22 Girma Mecheso Oklahoma State 14:11.95             2 (11)
 DNF Bolota Asmerom Unattached                
 DNS Matt Tegenkamp Nike / Oregon TC Elite                
 DNS Chris Derrick Stanford                


Webb Fails to make Final

The men's 5k preliminaries were some very exciting performances as the two heats determined the finalists for Thursday's showdown. In heat 1, Andrew Bumbalough of Nike and Galen Rupp, the winner of the men's 10,000 on Friday broke away from the pack in the final lap to finsh 1st and 2nd, securing their spots in the final. In an attempt to make his second Olympic team, Alan Webb didn't make the final and ended up finishing 11th in heat 1.  In heat 2, Lopez Lomong emerged with the victory to cruise a 13:42 alongside American Record holder Bernard Lagat.  

Womens 5K Final Set!

You're Telling Me There is a Chance?

Fleshman in the final.


1 Abbey D'Agostino Unattached 15:41.14           1 (1)
 2 Julie Culley Asics/N Y A C 15:41.29           1 (2)
 3 Julia Lucas Nike / Oregon TC Elite 15:42.82           1 (3)
 4 Emily Infeld Georgetown 15:43.41           1 (4)
 5 Deborah Maier Unattached 15:43.54           1 (5)
 6 Elizabeth Maloy New Balance 15:46.00           2 (1)
 7 Molly Huddle Saucony 15:46.05           2 (2)
 8 Kim Conley SRA Elite 15:47.39           2 (3)
 9 Lisa Uhl Nike / Oregon TC Elite 15:48.16           1 (6)
 10 Tara Erdmann Unattached 15:49.98           2 (4)
 11 Kathy Kroeger Stanford 15:50.09           1 (7)
 12 Alisha Williams Boulder Running Company/adidas 15:51.10           2 (5)
 13 Lauren Fleshman Nike / Oregon TC Elite 15:51.53           2 (6)
 14 Magdalena Lewy Boulet Saucony 15:51.73           2 (7)
 15 Emily Sisson Unattached 15:52.37           1 (8)
 16 Kellyn Johnson adidas/McMillan Elite 15:54.42           2 (8)
 17 Amy Hastings Brooks 15:59.05             2 (9)
 18 Renee Metivier Baillie Unattached 16:01.47             1 (9)
 19 Amanda Dunne Saucony 16:02.23             1 (10)
 20 Nicole Aish Unattached 16:02.84             2 (10)
 21 Alissa McKaig ZAP Fitness Reebok 16:03.09             2 (11)
 22 Angela Bizzarri Brooks 16:05.01             1 (11)
 23 Jackie Areson Nike 16:11.19             1 (12)
 24 Brie Felnagle adidas 16:13.34             1 (13)
 25 Frances Koons New Balance / New York A C 16:45.93             1 (14)
 DNS Katherine Mackey Brooks                
 DNS Jennifer Rhines adidas

The women's 5k finalists were determined in two heats with the first 6 athletes advancing in each heat followed by the next four fastest times. In heat 1, Abbey D'Agostino, a sophomore from Dartmouth won in a time of 15:41 followed by Julie Culley, Julia Lucas, Emily Infeld, Deborah Maier, and Elizabeth Maloy. The 2012 NCAA champion threw in a big kick at the end to secure the victory and her spot in the 5k final on Thursday. In heat 2, the race was mostly led by American record holder Molly Huddle, Elizabeth Maloy, and Kim Conley with a very tight pack following. Maloy emerged with the win followed by Huddle, Conley, Erdmann, Williams, and an inspiring finish by Lauren Fleshman who decided to race despite various injuries. 

Pre-race Talk:

Men's 5,000 Meters at 7:00PM

Race Results Weekly Say Chris Derrick is Out of the 5K

Heat 1  

 Lane Name Affiliation
 1 Bolota Asmerom Unattached
 2 Elliot Heath Stanford
 3 Scott Bauhs Unattached
 4 Jacob Riley Hansons-Brooks Distance Projec
 5 Robert Cheseret Unattached
 6 Andrew Bumbalough Nike
 7 Yosef Ghebray Unattached
 8 Trevor Dunbar Oregon
 9 Mohamed Trafeh Nike
 10 Alan Webb Nike
 11 Matt Tegenkamp Nike / Oregon TC Elite
 12 Galen Rupp Nike
 13 Dan Lowry Brown University

Heat 2  

 Lane Name Affiliation
 1 Chris Derrick Stanford (Out)
 2 Ian Dobson Nike / Oregon TC Elite
 3 Benjamin True Saucony
 4 Ryan Hill North Carolina State
 5 Brent Vaughn Nike
 6 Bernard Lagat Nike
 7 Brandon Bethke Unattached
 8 Girma Mecheso Oklahoma State
 9 Lopez Lomong Nike
 10 Hassan Mead Minnesota
 11 Stephen Furst adidas Raleigh Track Club
 12 George Alex Oklahoma

Women's 5,000 Meters at 6:05 PST!



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