Men's 800m Updates - 2012 London Olympic Games

Men's 800m Updates - 2012 London Olympic Games


King Rudisha delivered tonight as the 800 meter world leader broke the world record in an exciting men's 800 meter final for the record books! He took the lead from the gun taking the field out in a 24.6 for 200 meters and a 49.28 for 400 meters! Youngsters Aman and Kaki tried to hang with him but no one could match Rudisha in this race. He came through a roaring homestretch in an astonishing 1:40.91 for gold!

It was a personal best performance for both Americans Duane Solomon who came in a close 4th and Nick Symmonds who followed him in 5th place. Solomon came in in 1:42.82 and Symmonds came through the line in 1:42.95!

Rudisha Quotes:

On breaking the world record in one minute, 40.91 seconds:

"I am very happy. I've waited for this moment for a very long time. To come here and get a world record is unbelievable. I had no doubt about winning. Today the weather was beautiful - I decided to go for it (the world record)."

On winning for his friend, Sebastian Coe (chaiman of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games):
"Lord Coe is a good friend of mine. I came here in February and he took me around the (Olympic) Stadium. I wanted to come here and make him proud."

Lord Coe

Coe Quotes

On witnessing the 800m world record of one minute 40.91 seconds run by David RUDISHA (KEN) when winning the London 2012 Olympic Games gold medal: 
"That was simply an unbelievable performance. David RUDISHA showed supreme physical and mental confidence to run like that in an Olympic final."

"Instead of just doing enough to win the race he wanted to do something extraordinary and go for the world record as well."

"RUDISHA's run will go down in history as one of the greatest Olympic victories. I feel privileged to have witnessed it in London."

Duane Solomon 4th - 1:42.82

Solomon Quotes

On the race:
"It was amazing to be part of it in this environment (at the Olympic Games), in world record pace."

Nick Symmonds 5th - 1:42.95

In spite of the problems and bureaucratic bullshit, I love this sport.

Symmonds Quotes

On David RUDISHA (KEN) breaking the world record:
"I was honoured to run in a race like that in the same race as him. I had a front row seat."

"All eight people - seasons bests, personal bests, world record. It was an unbelievable race, I'm proud to be part of it."

"It has given me a renewed love for the sport. In spite of the problems and bureaucratic bullshit, I love this sport."

On his performance: 
"I need runners like that to push me, I am a racer. I ran one minute, 42.95 seconds and it was good enough for fifth."

"I didn't win a medal, but I did the best I could."

Full Results:
Rk Bib Athlete Mark   +
1 2319 Kenya RUDISHA David Lekuta 1:40.91 WR +
2 1211 Botswana AMOS Nijel 1:41.73 NR +
3 2306 Kenya KITUM Timothy 1:42.53 PB +
4 3252 United States of America SOLOMON Duane 1:42.82 PB +
5 3254 United States of America SYMMONDS Nick 1:42.95 PB +
6 1678 Ethiopia AMAN Mohammed 1:43.20 NR +
7 2967 Sudan KAKI Abubaker 1:43.32 SB +
8 1827 Great Britain OSAGIE Andrew 1:43.77 PB

Symmonds/Solomon by the hair of his chinny chin chin!


Heat 1: Sudan's Abubaker Kaki led early like he typically likes to do (unless Rudisha is in the race) coming thru the 400 in a controlled 51.01. In the final 100 meter Nijel Amos of Botswana, the World Junior champ, challenged Kaki taking the lead slighty but it wasn't too last as Abubaker came back to take the heat in 1:44.51 to 1:44.54.

Next potentially in on time: Kszczot (POL) 1:45.34, Chemut (KEN) 1:45.63

Heat 2: Russian Yuriy Borzakovskiy, the 2004 Olympic Champ, lead through 400 in 51.30 before being passed by Kenya's David Rudisha. Symmonds who was mid-pack looked to be in good position with 200 to go sitting in 4th place and started moving up. Rudisha went on to win in 1:44.35 while Great Britain's Andrew Osagie snuck by Symmonds in 1:44.74. Symmonds came through as a fast third place qualifier 1:44.87. Borzakovskiy faded to fifth running a season's beast 1:45.09, which may end up being the last race of his career.

Next potentially in on time: Symmonds (USA) 1:44.87, Lewandowski (POL) 1:45.08

Heat 3: Amerian Duane Solomon led through 400 (51.18) and 600 meters (1:17.72), the fastest splits of any semi-final heat. In the final 100 meters Kenya's Timothy Kitum and Ethiopian favorite Mohammed Aman passed Solomon to take the automatic qualifying spots. Aman won in 1:44.44, Kitum was second in 1:44.63. Solomon held on for a strong third place showing in 1:44.93. USA with two in the final!

Athletes in on time: Symmonds (USA) 1:44.87, Solomon (USA) 1:44.93

KD Out, Symmonds & Solomon Thur

Heat 1:
Nijel Amos of Botswana is a new force in the world of 800 meter running. The world junior champion eased his way to winning section one while American Khadevis Robinson struggled to kick on the final homestretch, finished fifth and will not be moving on to the final. Poland's Marcin Lewandowski also failed to make it through.
1 8 1211 Nijel Amos BOT 1:45.90 Q .
2 9 1230 Fabiano Peçanha BRA 1:46.29 Q .
3 7 1624 Luis Alberto Marco ESP 1:46.86 Q .
4 5 3248 Khadevis Robinson USA 1:47.17 .
5 2 2658 Marcin Lewandowski POL 1:47.64 q .
6 3 2837 Ivan Tukhtachev RUS 1:49.77 .
7 6 2022 Derek Mandell GUM 1:58.94 .
. 4 2380 Mohammad Al-Azemi KUW DQ
Heat 2:
David Rudisha went to his typical spot at the front but led the field through only in 52.7 seconds. The world record holder cruised through the finish in 1:45.90 ahead of Musaeb Balla of Qatar and Andrew Osagie of Britain, the two other individual qualifiers.
1 7 2319 David Lekuta Rudisha KEN 1:45.90 Q .
2 8 2754 Musaeb Abdulrahman Balla QAT 1:46.37 Q .
3 4 1827 Andrew Osagie GBR 1:46.42 Q .
4 6 2748 Wesley Vazquez PUR 1:46.45 .
5 9 1056 Jeffrey Riseley AUS 1:46.99 .
6 5 2966 Ismail Ahmed Ismail SUD 1:48.79 .
7 2 1157 Anis Ananenka BLR 1:49.61 .
8 3 1277 Samorn Kieng CAM 1:55.26 (S

Heat 3:
Abubaker Kaki took the race out in a fast 52.8 seconds and fought off challengers to win in 1:45.51.
Position Lane Bib Athlete Country Mark .
1 6 2967 Abubaker Kaki SUD 1:45.51 Q .
2 9 2306 Timothy Kitum KEN 1:45.72 Q .
3 5 2375 Abdulaziz Ladan Mohammed KSA 1:46.09 Q .
4 7 1471 Andy González CUB 1:46.24 q .
5 3 1841 Gareth Warburton GBR 1:46.97 .
6 4 2043 Tamás Kazi HUN 1:47.10 (SB)
7 2 1914 Sören Ludolph GER 1:48.57 .
8 8 3342 Arnold Sorina VAN 1:54.29 .
Intermediate Bib Athlete Nation Mark
400m 2967 Abubaker Kaki SUD 52.18
600m 2967 Abubaker Kaki

Heat 4: 
Nick Symmonds ran his typically intelligent race, staying midpack at the early stages and moving past his opponents to win the section in 1:45.91. Canada's Geoff Harris was second and Poland's Adam Kszczot was third. Athens Olympic champ Yuriy Borzakovskiy was fifth and will need to hope for an spot in the semifinal as a time qualifier.
1 5 3254 Nick Symmonds USA 1:45.91 Q .
2 4 1290 Geoffrey Harris CAN 1:45.97 Q (PB)
3 9 2655 Adam Kszczot POL 1:45.99 Q .
4 6 1745 Pierre-Ambroise Bosse FRA 1:46.03 q .
5 7 2803 Yuriy Borzakovskiy RUS 1:46.29 q .
6 2 1546 Andreas Bube DEN 1:46.40 .
7 3 1014 Manuel António ANG 1:52.54 .
. 8 2527 Brice Etes MON DQ

Heat 5: 
After a slow early pace led by Brit Michael Rimmer, things really started moving with Hamada Mohamed of Egypt seizing the lead with 100 meters to go and winning in 1:48.05.
Position Lane Bib Athlete Country Mark .
1 4 1588 Hamada Mohamed EGY 1:48.05 Q .
2 8 2085 Sajad Moradi IRI 1:48.23 Q .
3 3 1622 Kevin López ESP 1:48.27 Q .
4 6 2245 Masato Yokota JPN 1:48.48 .
5 9 1830 Michael Rimmer GBR 1:49.05 .
6 2 2521 Moussa Camara MLI 1:51.36 .
7 5 2539 Edgar Cortez NCA 1:58.99 .
. 7 1008 Taoufik Makhloufi ALG DQ .
Intermediate Bib Athlete Nation Mark
400m 1830 Michael Rimmer GBR 55.49
600m 1588 Hamada Mohamed EGY 1:22.19
Heat 6: 
Ethiopian phenom Mohammed Aman strode away from early leader Anthony Chemut of Kenya to win in 1:47.34.
1 2 1678 Mohammed Aman ETH 1:47.34 Q .
2 4 2293 Anthony Chemut KEN 1:47.42 Q .
3 5 1634 Antonio Manuel Reina ESP 1:47.44 Q .
4 9 1420 Rafith Rodríguez COL 1:47.70 .
5 3 2115 Adnan Taess Akkar IRQ 1:47.83 (SB)
6 6 2454 Amine El Manaoui MAR 1:48.48 .
7 7 3364 Prince Mumba ZAM 1:49.07 .
8 8 2346 Erzhan Askarov KGZ 1:59.56

Heat 7:
Recent 1:43 man Duane Solomon took the pace out in a blistering 50 seconds to keep himself out of trouble and held on to win in 1:46.01. 
1 5 3252 Duane Solomon USA 1:46.05 Q .
2 8 2545 Robert Lathouwers NED 1:46.06 Q .
3 6 2789 André Olivier RSA 1:46.42 Q .
4 9 1516 Jakub Holuša CZE 1:46.87 .
5 4 3116 Julius Mutekanga UGA 1:48.41 .
6 2 2027 Moise Joseph HAI 1:48.46 .
7 7 1888 Benjamín Enzema GEQ 1:57.47 .
. 3 1221 Kleberson Davide BRA DNS .
Intermediate Bib Athlete Nation Mark
400m 3252 Duane Solomon USA 50.36
600m 3252 Duane Solomon USA 1:17.59

(last updated: July 19th 1:15pm)

Men's 800m Quick Hits
2012 London Olympic Games

800 Meter Schedule
Day 4, August 6th - Round 1 (4:50am CT) - Qualifying procedure TBA
Day 5, August 7th - Semi-Final (1:55pm CT) - Qualifying procedure TBA
Day 7, August 9th - Final (2:00pm CT)

800 Meter Records
World Record - 1:41.01 - David Rudisha (KEN) 29 August 2010
Olympic Record - 1:42.58 - Vebjorn Rodal (RUS) 31 July 1996
American Record - 1:42.60 - Johnny Gray 28 August 1985

The Favorites (personal best/season best)
1. David Rudisha, Kenya (1:41.01/1:41.54) - Reigning World Champion, World Record Holder
2. Nijel Amos (1:43.11/1:43.11) - 2012 World Junior Champion
3. Mohammad Aman (1:43.37/1:43.51) - 2012 Wolrd Indoor Champion

The Americans
1. Nick Symmonds (1:43.92/1:43.76) - 5xUS Champion, 2xOlympian
2. Khadevis Robinson (1:43.68/1:44.54) - Seasoned veteran, 5xUS Champion at 800m
3. Duane Solomon (1:44.65/1:44.65) - First time Olympian

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