Weekend's Top Collegiate Marks -- Men

Weekend's Top Collegiate Marks -- Men

Once again I'm compiling the best marks of the weekend for college track and field.  Leading women's marks are in a separate post.

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Key to symbols:
# = mark coverted for track size
HT = mark converted for hand timing
@ = mark converted for altitude
(55) = 60m mark converted from 55m race

60 meters      
Hardy, Jr., Prezel Texas A&M 6.73 Reveille Invitational
Lewis, Romel Lincoln (Mo.) 6.73 Cyclone Holiday Preview
Carter, Blake SE Missouri 6.76 EIU Early Bird
Graham, Alex Chadron State 6.77 @ 2012 Yellow Jacket Holiday Claissic
Collins, Leshon Houston 6.78 Reveille Invitational
Harris, Jatarius Mississippi Valley 6.78 SIU Fast Start Meet
Rodriguez, Carlos Kansas State 6.78 KSU Allcomers
Taylor, James Norfolk State 6.79 CNU Holiday Open
200 meters      
Lewis, Romel Lincoln (Mo.) 21.49 # 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Bolton, Cameron Eastern Michigan 21.60 # Eagle Holiday Meet
Broaden, John Indiana Tech 21.69 # Findlay Oiler Opener
White, David Mississippi Valley 21.70 # Arkansas State Kickoff Classic
Edwards, Calvin Eastern Illinois 21.71 # EIU Early Bird
Smith, Damian Norfolk State 21.71 # CNU Holiday Open
Fraley, Jeffrey Missouri Southern 21.74 # MSSU Early Bird Open
Jones, Jermaine St. Augustine's 21.74 # CNU Holiday Open
400 meters (* = 300m X 1.3964)    
Hancock, Jerrell Minnesota State 46.10*# MSU PreSeason Open
Rodriguez, Carlos Kansas State 46.24*# KSU Allcomers
Nkanata, Carvin Pittsburgh 46.26* Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Hopkins, Tom Princeton 47.16*#* New Year's Invitational
Gibson, Jeffery Oral Roberts 47.17 # 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Feeney, Patrick Notre Dame 47.24 Notre Dame Blue and Gold 2012
Efkamp, Nick Iowa State 47.38* Cyclone Holiday Preview
Cleveland, Keith Ashland 47.41 Kent State Golden Flash Gala
800 meters (* = 1000m ÷ 1.32)    
Neal, Keffri Kentucky 1:50.58* Hoosier Open
Roller, Lance Indiana 1:51.03* Hoosier Open
Hunter, Rorey Indiana 1:51.12* Hoosier Open
Gornall, Jordan Indiana 1:51.30* Hoosier Open
Kemboi, Edward Iowa State 1:52.42 Cyclone Holiday Preview
Ross, Tyler Eastern Michigan 1:52.53 # Eagle Holiday Meet
Rono, Enock Northwood 1:52.75 # SVSU Holiday Classic
Keane, Sean Kentucky 1:52.79* Hoosier Open
Vilhauer, Justin Oklahoma State 4:10.40 # KSU Allcomers
Mascari, John Indiana State 4:10.46 # EIU Early Bird
Hershner, Ryan Kansas State 4:10.60 # KSU Allcomers
Fife, Nolan Indiana 4:11.34 Hoosier Open
Ricker, JR Indiana 4:14.02 Hoosier Open
Leavitt, Brenden VCU 4:14.56 # CNU Holiday Open
Hathaway, Nathaniel New Hampshire 4:14.70 # UNH vs Maine - Dual Meet
Moser, Alexander Maine 4:14.74 # UNH vs Maine - Dual Meet
3000 meters      
Nierman, Robby Indiana 8:16.85 Hoosier Open
Biwott, Michael American Int'l 8:23.72 Harvard Open
Betz, Dustin Indiana State 8:24.34 # EIU Early Bird
Skeete, Owen Indiana 8:24.99 Hoosier Open
Jordan, Michael Southern Indiana 8:25.45 Hoosier Open
Behnke, Adam Indiana 8:26.81 Hoosier Open
Cullenberg, E Kelton Maine 8:27.66 # UNH vs Maine - Dual Meet
Zaccariello, Dan Wagner 8:27.93 HT # Fordham Season Opener
5000 meters      
Hill, Ryan North Carolina St. 13:43.52 Hoosier Open
Mayhew, Zachary Indiana 13:51.79 Hoosier Open
Dohner, Ryan Texas 13:52.85 Hoosier Open
Stilin, Joseph Texas 13:59.23 Hoosier Open
Werley, Lane UCLA 14:01.58 Hoosier Open
Colley, Andrew North Carolina St. 14:02.13 Hoosier Open
Dinzeo, Aaron California (Pa.) 14:19.65 Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Clevenger , Michael Notre Dame 14:33.07 Notre Dame Blue and Gold 2012
60m Hurdles      
Swift, Greggmar Indiana State 7.79 EIU Early Bird
Hayes, Keith Kentucky 7.82 Hoosier Open
Nkrumah, Keith Norfolk State 7.88 CNU Holiday Open
Drouin, Derek Indiana 7.98 Hoosier Open
Etheridge, Andrew Emporia St. 7.99 KSU Allcomers
Anderson, Sabiel Lincoln (Mo.) 8.00 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Sander, Ryan Iowa State 8.00 Cyclone Holiday Preview
Hill, Tarique Kansas State 8.01 KSU Allcomers
4x400m Relay      
Babineaux, Bailey Jr., Roudette,Lendore Texas A&M 3:06.82 Reveille Invitational
Nolan, Hughey, Futch, Furlough Houston 3:07.60 Reveille Invitational
Negley, Hatch, Murray, Nkanata Pittsburgh 3:11.00 Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Cook, Lamar, Owens, Cleveland Ashland 3:13.10 Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Hester, Manley, Stigler, McCuin Kansas 3:13.63 # 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Ashley, Hawkins, Blake,Anderson Lincoln (Mo.) 3:14.06 # 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Coleman, Minkah, Hernandez,Bonn Texas A&M (B) 3:14.36 Reveille Invitational
Giesting, Buchanon, Dougherty,Feeney Notre Dame 3:14.50 Notre Dame Blue and Gold 2012
Distance Medley      
Fleming, meier, rolph,Mangelsdorf Principia 10:21.48 # Principia Distance Carniva
Basting, Ballard, Dorsey,Wiggan Eastern Illinois 10:26.11 # EIU Early Bird
Calio, Householder, Ramos,Johnson Eastern Illinois (B) 10:29.59 # EIU Early Bird
Clyncke, Danner, Bartush, Wolpert Benedictine (Kan.) 10:33.52 # MSSU Early Bird Open
O'Boyle, Beck, Ruich, Cushman Indianapolis 10:34.13 # UIndy Alumni Track and Field Open
Day, Wilson, Soucie, Jones Kansas 10:34.74 # 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Long, Shivers, Wood, Zisser SE Missouri 10:38.42 # EIU Early Bird
Strotheide, Stoverink, Holmes,Johnson SE Missouri (B) 10:40.07 # EIU Early Bird
High Jump      
Ploude, Briar Emporia St. 7' 2½" / 2.20m KSU Allcomers
Thomas, Corey Stonehill 7' 1½" / 2.17m Brandeis Reggie Poyau Invitational
Fuller, Jonathan Kansas 7' 1" / 2.16m 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Calvin, Willie N.C. Central 7' 0½" / 2.15m CNU Holiday Open
Drouin, Derek Indiana 7' 0½" / 2.15m Hoosier Open
Taylor, Jamario Western Illinois 7' 0½" / 2.15m Redbird Open Indoor Invitational
Staley, Nicholas Stonehill 6' 11½" / 2.12m Brandeis Reggie Poyau Invitational
Walls, Troy Iowa State 6' 10¾" / 2.10m Cyclone Holiday Preview
Pole Vault      
Whitt, Jack Oral Roberts 17' 6½" / 5.35m 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Viken, Michael Eastern Illinois 17' 5" / 5.31m EIU Early Bird
Gehrke, Dustin Oral Roberts 17' 0¾" / 5.20m 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Babits, Max Eastern Michigan 17' 0" / 5.18m Eagle Holiday Meet
Nickles, Heath Ohio State 16' 8¾" / 5.10m Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Bishop, Alex Kansas 16' 6¾" / 5.05m 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Lupton, Greg Kansas 16' 6¾" / 5.05m 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Tesner, Joe Eastern Michigan 16' 6" / 5.03m Eagle Holiday Meet
Long Jump      
Crawford, Corey Rutgers 24' 11¼" / 7.60m New Year's Invitational
Dates, Royce Tennessee St. 24' 7" / 7.49m MTSU Christmas Invite
Soles, Keenan Pittsburg St. 24' 5¾" / 7.46m MSSU Early Bird Open
Carter, Blake SE Missouri 24' 5½" / 7.45m EIU Early Bird
Golden, Cordairo Mid. Tenn. State 23' 11¾" / 7.31m MTSU Christmas Invite
Thomas, David New Haven 23' 10¾" / 7.28m Elm City Challenge
Miranda, Kaylin Northeastern 23' 8¼" / 7.22m Harvard Open
Rory, Kameron Mid. Tenn. State 23' 8" / 7.21m MTSU Christmas Invite
Triple Jump      
Scott, Donald Eastern Michigan 51' 1½" / 15.58m Eagle Holiday Meet
Bostick, Kevin Rutgers 50' ½" / 15.25m New Year's Invitational
Boure, Darion Missouri Southern 49' 5" / 15.06m MSSU Early Bird Open
Golden, Cordairo Mid. Tenn. State 49' 1½" / 14.97m MTSU Christmas Invite
Guerrier, Jimm So. Conn. St. 48' 11½" / 14.92m Elm City Challenge
Okonta, DC UMKC 48' 11" / 14.91m 2012 Bob Timmons Challenge
Ludgood, Sam Mount Union 48' 10¼" / 14.89m Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Palacious, Douglas Southern Illinois 48' 9" / 14.86m SIU Fast Start Meet
Shot Put      
Szypka, Brad Kentucky 60' 0¼" / 18.29m Hoosier Open
Kent, Isiah Kentucky 59' 2¾" / 18.05m Hoosier Open
Mosier, Brooks Missouri 58' 10¼" / 17.94m Cyclone Holiday Preview
Jeffrey, Errol Monmouth 58' 1¾" / 17.72m New Year's Invitational
Duke, Donald Ashland 57' 11¾" / 17.67m Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Freeman, Josh Southern Illinois 57' 11¼" / 17.66m SIU Fast Start Meet
Farley, Kevin SE Missouri 57' 5½" / 17.51m EIU Early Bird
Jeuschede, Jan Iowa State 57' 3½" / 17.46m Cyclone Holiday Preview
Weight Throw      
Sauer, Bradley Southern Illinois 65' 8¾" / 20.03m SIU Fast Start Meet
Bullinger, Jacob Missouri 65' 3¼" / 19.89m Cyclone Holiday Preview
Grey, Garrett Ashland 64' 3¾" / 19.60m Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Strong, Casey Texas A&M 63' 10½" / 19.47m Reveille Invitational
Miller, Nick Oklahoma St. 63' 8.25" / 19.41m KSU All-Comers
Orgon, Casey North Dakota St. 63' 6" / 19.35m Dakota Duals
Fields, Chris Indiana State 62' 8" / 19.10m EIU Early Bird
Carney, Raymond Siena Heights 62' 5¾" / 19.04m Findlay Oiler Opener
Shreve, Dexter Kent State 5263 Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Kunze, Cory Ohio State 5242 Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Balczak, Justin Lake Superior State 5239 Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Keeney, Rob Doane 5157 Happy Holidays Multi Event
Nickles, Heath Ohio State 5028 Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Jones, Tyler Kent State 5021 Kent State Golden Flash Gala
Drouin, Derek Indiana 4009 Hoosier Open
Dick, Devin Kansas State 3861 Carol Robinson Winter Pentathlon
Kirielius, Tomas Kansas State 3721 Carol Robinson Winter Pentathlon

Matthew Centrowitz Moving To D.C., Still With Nike Oregon Project


Matthew Centrowitz announced on Instagram that he is still with the Nike Oregon Project, but has relocated back to the Washington, D.C. area. The 2016 Olympic champion in the 1500m attended Broadneck High School in Annapolis, Maryland. Upon graduation, he attended the University of Oregon and remained in Oregon for his professional career. 

All The Best Things That Happened In The NCAA This Weekend

Cheryl Treworgy Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.17.42 AM.png

Three collegiate records highlighted NCAA action this weekend, as UTEP sophomore Michael Saruni, Texas Tech junior Vincent Crisp, and Georgia senior Keturah Orji set standards in their respective events.

Keturah Orji Breaks American, Collegiate Indoor Record For Triple Jump

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 2.05.26 PM.png

Georgia's Keturah Orji broke her own American and NCAA indoor records in the triple jump on Saturday with a leap of 14.53m/47-8 at the Clemson Invitational.

Katelyn Tuohy Shatters Mary Cain's National High School Record For 5K


North Rockland High School, New York, sophomore Katelyn Tuohy ran the fastest 5K ever for a high school girl — indoors or outdoors — today with her winning time of 15:37.12 at the VA Showcase in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Christian Coleman Crushes 60m World Record In His Season Opener


Today, in his first meet of the year, Christian Coleman set the bar for his season incredibly high and put the world on notice. 

Vincent Crisp Runs Fastest Collegiate Time Ever For 600 Yards

Kirby Lee VincentCrisp.jpg

Texas Tech junior Vincent Crisp posted the fastest indoor collegiate mark of all time over 600 yards on Friday. Competing at the Texas Tech Red Raider Invitational in Lubbock, Texas, Crisp ran 1:08.16 and held off TCU’s Derrick Mokaleng, who ran 1:08.18.

Michael Saruni Runs World-Best In Indoor 600m

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 8.12.01 AM.png

On Friday night, Michael Saruni continued his hot start to 2018. The UTEP sophomore ran a world-best time of 1:14.79 in the 600m at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational in Albuquerque.  

Austin, Texas, Chasing History With Olympic Trials Bid


Austin, Texas, has hosted the NCAA track and field championships and currently stages one of the largest track meets of the calendar, the Texas Relays. The city has a robust road racing scene, bolstered by the presence of elite athletes and high-level training groups. But Austin has never hosted a USA track and field championship event — not for any distance on the roads, cross country or track and field. And certainly not the Olympic Trials. 

Justin Gatlin Switches Coaches After Investigation Uncovers Doping Scandal


Justin Gatlin has officially begun his career after Dennis Mitchell. Reuters reported on Friday that Gatlin is being coached by Brooks Johnson in Orlando, Florida. Gatlin fired Mitchell in December after Mitchell was implicated in a doping sting facilitated by the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph. 

Robert Kigen, Felix Kandie Headline Napoli City Half Marathon


Nobert Kigen and Felix Kandie of Kenya headline a men’s pro field aiming for a sub-60 minute performance at the fifth Napoli City Half Marathon in Naples, Italy.