NCAA DI Outdoor Track and Field Championships 2013

Everything You Need to Know About the NCAA D1 Championships 2013

Everything You Need to Know About the NCAA D1 Championships 2013

Jun 5, 2013 by Mitch Kastoff
Everything You Need to Know About the NCAA D1 Championships 2013
When we heard that our Flowrestling coworker, Nick “Deep V” Velliquette, was making the journey with us to Eugene, OR for the NCAA DI Championships, the first thing we thought was things are going to get weird when he supplexes Arizona’s Lawi Lalang.

The second thing we considered was that we hope that he doesn’t ask when Usain Bolt runs.

The third thing that crossed our mind was whether the Eugene faithful would fully embrace him. In his defense, Velliquette is more knowledgeable about track and field than most, if not all wrestlers, but it’s tough to fool the Hayward Field crowd.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, then this person probably knows the 200m splits for when Jordan Hasay ran her sixth-to-last race at the University of Oregon. During the press conference, coach Robert Johnson explained that the citizens of Track Town USA are unlike any other track fans. It doesn’t take a coach or an expert to tell you that people are passionate about running up here.

If “Deep V” was going to win any arguments at the Wild Duck stands at Hayward Field, he would need a little help.

So we gave him a little help.

Below is our Beginner’s Guide to the 2013 NCAA D1 Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Basically, we’re trying to turn him from this to this.

Since there are six Flotrack’ers in town for the next few days, we’ve provided some key discussion topics and phrases that will make anyone seem like a Duck.

For every event, we’ve included the start list (24 entries), his or her mark from the Regionals, and his or her national rank and personal best prior to Regionals (via TFRRS). For some reason, TFRRS didn’t update following the NCAA East and West Regional, so we added it so that you can see who leapfrogged over everyone to make it to Eugene and who cruised through the quarterfinals.

Edit: We also bolded the top eight seeds on paper to help "Deep V" pick out some favorites.

Men’s 5k

While most of us are in Eugene, our summer interns are down in Austin, TX (where, oddly enough, it’s just as hot here as it is there). In his first summer preview, Jimmy Stevenson asked whether Lawi Lalang can become the twelfth person to win the 5k/10k double.

“Did you know that Eric Jenkins ran 4:15 in high school? Now, he’s three seconds away from the IAAF ‘A’ standard in the 5k and closed his last mile at the East Regional in 4:08. Beast.”

“Why is Diego Estrada running the 5k instead of the 10k? Wasn’t he an Olympian in the 10k last year for Mexico? Speaking of citizenship, that’s an interesting story....”

“Over/under: 4:00 for the last mile?”

Women’s 5k

“Wouldn’t it be something if Jordan Hasay could win her first outdoor title on her home track in her last race? A man can dream...”

“Abbey D’Agostino may have taken Betsy Saina twice indoors, but D’Agostino isn’t that much faster on paper. Oh, she’s the defending champion and Saina is doubling back? Well then.”

“I’m pretty sure Alphine Tuliamuk-Bolton will be the fastest girl to never win an NCAA title. Or for that matter, take third.”

Men’s 400m

This isn’t a quote, it’s an actual conversation Velliquette and I had on the plane ride to Denver, CO.

NV: Let me just recap everything. Bryshon Nellum was shot three times, took silver in the 4x400m relay in London, but has never won an NCAA title?

MK: Yes

NV: But he’s going up against another Olympian, A&M’s Deon Lendore, who got bronze in the 4x4.

MK: Yes

NV: And Oregon’s Mike Berry, who won a gold medal in the World Championships 4x400m, ran in the slow heat indoors and didn’t get to go up against the big dogs?

MK: Yes

NV: Why didn’t he run in the fast heat?

MK: Good question.

NV: And he’s the school record holder and took second at NCAA’s last year?

MK: Yes

NV: This story writes itself.

4x400m Relays

“It makes sense that this event closes out every meet because it’s hands down the most electrifying event in track and field. Well, at least at the Texas State Meet.”

“The Oregon women clinched the indoor championships after the 4x4? And they broke the outdoor meet record last year at NCAA’s? Doesn’t anyone care about home field advantage?”

“What’s more intense: The top three teams getting the stick at the same time for the last leg or nothing because the first thing is the answer.”

Women’s 100m

“Oregon’s English Gardner is a sophomore and had the fastest time in the world this season? That’s not fair.”

“When did UCF become a sprint powerhouse?”

“Kimberlyn Duncan is the Most Interesting Woman in the NCAA: She drops down to the 100m just to know what losing tastes like (because, you know, she doesn’t lose at 200m)."

Team Titles

Something about Hayward Field magic
Something about USTFCCCA’s projections
Something about Track and Field News’ projection
Something about the unpredictable nature of track and field

*Looking the entries by team*
NV: You guys love distance running, but championships are won from the sprints and especially the field.

He’s going to fit right in.

Men's Entries, Seeds, and Favorites

Women's Entries, Seeds, and Favorites