NCAA D1 Cross Country Championships 2013

Flotrack NCAA XC Women's Team Predictions and Who'll be on the Podium

Flotrack NCAA XC Women's Team Predictions and Who'll be on the Podium

Nov 21, 2013 by Isaac Wood
Flotrack NCAA XC Women's Team Predictions and Who'll be on the Podium
The women's race is very tight this year as there are seemingly six or seven teams that all have a shot to take home the crown. This may be the closest team race in the history of the championship and will be very fun to watch unfold on Saturday.

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#1 Providence 164
With the best 1-2-3 in the country -- Emily Sisson, Sarah Collins, and Laura Nagel -- the Friars control their own destiny this weekend. If their terrible trio have an average day, true freshman Catarina Rocha doesn't blow up in her first NCAAs, and Grace Thek can run just well enough to keep her inside the 100s, Providence will be taking home the national title. The bad news for the Friars is that doing all of that, is not as easy as it seems.

WOW with the #1 Friars

#2 Georgetown - 168
A very, very deep team and the best 1-5 spread in the country really helps Georgetown in terms of their placement on the podium at nationals. A lot will depend on how far up their pack can finish and if they can get out well. If they start poorly, it is really hard to move all five of your athletes through a giant sea of runners. If the Hoyas do get out and move their pack through towards the 40s and 50s, Georgetown could knock off Providence.

#3 Florida State - 173

For the first time in a while at NCAAs, the target is completely off the back of the Seminoles. Florida State has yet to have a great day and is due for a big one at NCAAs. Led by Colleen Quigley and Hannah Walker, FSU is deeper than meets the eye and could sneak up and get Providence or vengeance on Georgetown from Pre-Nats.

#4 Arizona - 198
Maybe the best 1-4 in the country belongs to Arizona as Elvin Kibet, Nicci Corbin, Maria Larsson, and Kayla Beattie are all studs. Much will come down to how well their fifth can run and who will it be. Stephanie Bulder and Hanna Peterson have traded off no. 5 spot duties and one of them will have to run out of their minds to help Arizona win the whole thing.

Team Predictions
Place   Team                Points
1       Providence          164
2       Georgetown          168
3       Florida State       173
4       Arizona             198
5       Arkansas            203
6       Colorado            210
7       Iowa State          273
8       Butler              280
9       Michigan            287
10      Michigan State      328
11      William and Mary    332
12      Washington          346
13      Virginia            349
14      Dartmouth           367
15      New Mexico          385
16      Villanova           410
17      Stanford            413
18      Minnesota           428
19      Oregon              453
20      San Francisco       476
21      Indiana             510
22      Syracuse            540
23      BYU                 553
24      Notre Dame          561
25      Penn State          610
26      Princeton           619
27      Vanderbilt          623
28      Cornell             631
29      SMU                 656
30      West Virginia       666
31      Wisconsin           748