FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships 2014

Top 5 Moments in Beer Running History

Top 5 Moments in Beer Running History

Oct 14, 2014 by Christopher Chavez
Top 5 Moments in Beer Running History

Here at Flotrack, we’re getting ready for the Beer Mile World Championships in December. Here’s a quick look at the top five moments in beer running history:

5. The American Record Falls

Shortly after the Summer Olympic Games in 2012, 800-meter specialist Nick Symmonds decided to bump up his race distance on the track and add four Coors to his run. He ran 5:19.0 to set the American Record for the beer mile. The video went viral after being posted by TMZ. 

Note: His beer mile has more views on Youtube than his victory at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials.

Symmonds will race at the Beer Mile World Championships after being sidelined by injury for the 2014 track season. 

4. The Australian Animal

While Symmonds has run two beer miles under 5:35, Josh Harris of Australia has run three beer miles under 5:20. He set the previous World Record of 5:02 in early 2012 before it fell in early 2014. Harris most recently won the 2014 Autumn Classic on May 3 in Australia with a time of 5:28.5. 

Harris gave his thoughts on the beer mile world record to Flotrack back in late April. His personal best remains 5:02 from the 2012 Autumn Classic. 

3. “The Beast”

James Nielsen became the first man to break the five minute barrier for the beer mile. He set the World Record with the following splits:

Beer + 10-meter Drinking Zone = 7 seconds

Lap 1 (390-meters) = 63 seconds (1:10)

Beer 2 + 10-meter Drinking Zone = 8 seconds

Lap 2 (390-meters) = 68 seconds (1:16, 2:26)

Beer 3 + 10-meter Drinking Zone = 12 seconds

Lap 3 (390-meters) = 67 seconds (1:19, 3:45)

Beer 4 + 10-meter Drinking Zone = 9 seconds

Lap 3 (400-meters) = 63 seconds (1:12, 4:57)

2. Chunder Mile

Our friends in the UK don’t run beer miles much like the U.S. doesn’t like to use the metric system. Chris Parr from Gateshead held a personal best of 3:46.53 before he decided to attempt the chunder mile, which is drinking a pint (20 imperial ounces) per lap. Parr ran 5:08.7 while drinking a mix of Carling & Strongbow for a new World Record in 2006. Evidenced in the Beer Mile World Record Book Here: http://www.beermile.com/display/event_1162

1. 5:07 Half-Marathon

A 5:07 half-marathon is not impressive, but it is when you throw 13 beers into the mix of the San Francisco Half-Marathon. This man lived through it to tell his story of how he “puked three times, blacked out for miles 11 and 12 and needed five hours to finish.” Many argue that a full marathon is a test of human strength, but this is even more phenomenal. Read the recap here.