FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships 2014

Another beer running record falls

Another beer running record falls

Oct 21, 2014 by Christopher Chavez
Another beer running record falls

26 started and 26 finished for a World Record. (Photo by Patrick Bieser)

Another beer mile world record fell over the weekend. The Milwaukee Running Group had the largest group assembled to complete the beer mile in one running on Estabrook Park’s 400-meter loop. All 26 runners that started got under the 30 minute cut-off time. Over 100 beers were chugged in approximately 20 minutes, according to Tim Cigelske of Draft Magazine

Cigelske, also known to many as The Beer Runner, won the race in 7:28. He holds a personal best of 6:26 (although he admits to not following the strict beer mile standards) and is coming off a 2:59:55 performance at the 2014 Lakefront Marathon. 

“The event was true to our mission of promoting running and having fun, to which we can now add fund raising to make our community a better place,” event organizer Patrick Bieser wrote on Facebook. 

A five dollar donation was suggested for Chasing Chad, a Wisconsin non-profit organization which raises money and awareness for brain cancer research. 

Winner Tim Cigelske finished in 6:26. (Photo by Patrick Bieser)

Most runners used Pabst Blue Ribbon, which was originally established in Milwaukee and now is based in Los Angeles. The beer is 4.74 percent alcohol by volume, which would be under the required 5 percent that is needed to ratify a World Record had someone ran under 4:57. Russian brewer Oasis Beverages recently purchased Pabst Brewing Company in a deal worth over $700 million. 

The fastest beer mile while drinking PBR was set in 5:39 by Terrence Fox of Clinton, New York in 2010. Cigelske’s performance is the 46th fastest with PBR and the 54th fastest on Wisconsin soil

Running in masses may be in the future for beer miles. Brew Mile started organizing a road race where aid stations are replaced with brew stops every 1/4 mile. A three-hour open bar after party follows the run. There is no winner or prize money for the top finisher, but proceeds go to charity.