FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships 2014

Kimbrough's WR Grabs Nation's Attention

Kimbrough's WR Grabs Nation's Attention

Nov 8, 2014 by Lincoln Shryack
Kimbrough's WR Grabs Nation's Attention

Chris Kimbrough
competed in the 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials, and continues to be an elite masters runner, yet it was her most recent performance that has brought her the most recognition. Attempting her first ever beer mile, the 44-year-old mother of six crushed the world record last Sunday in Austin, running an astonishing 6:28.6 to best the old mark by nearly 14 seconds. The previous record of 6:42 was set by Seanna Robinson in 1997. 

News of the record spread quickly on the Internet, and Kimbrough’s performance was written about in USA Today, Runner’s World, and NPR, among others. As of today, the video on YouTube has over 100,000 views. 

With the inaugural Beer Mile World Championships less than 4 weeks away, Kimbrough immediately becomes the favorite to win the women’s race, even though the busy mom won’t have much time to prepare for the drinking portion of the event. However, as last weekend’s record proved, Kimbrough may not need that much practice to hone the beer mile craft, as she seemed to chug and run with ease in just her first attempt. Another factor to note: Kimbrough had already put in 11 miles on the day of the record attempt, so a faster time should be expected on December 3rd with her being fully rested. 

With so much hype coming from the men’s Beer Mile, Kimbrough’s timely record adds a level of intrigue to the women’s race. Seemingly, Kimbrough’s toughest competition will come from Brooks Beasts athlete and 4:27 miler Katie Mackey, who will compete in her first ever beer mile on December 3rd. In response to Kimbrough’s record, Mackey tweeted this:

Yes, Chris Kimbrough is for real. Even though big names like Mackey and fellow Brooks Beast Nick Symmonds will compete in this event, it is the soon to be 45-year-old Kimbrough that will step to the line as the only beer mile world record holder at the inaugural World Championships. While her outstanding masters running career will continue after her beer mile days are up, it is her unique talent in this distinct event that took the nation by storm. When the gun goes off on December 3rd, the most unlikely world record holder will crack a beer knowing that she is the best in the world. 

Check out http://www.flotrack.org/beermileworlds/ for more information on the December 3rd Beer Mile World Championships in Austin.