FloTrack Team Rankings: Week 1

This outdoor season we developed weekly team score projections for the NCAA Outdoor Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Using our "power rankings" formula, we ranked all the athletes in each event and then scored a virtual meet. Every week we will update the formula as new times/marks are achieved.

Last year, the Oregon men took home the men's title and this year, on paper, it looks like the men of Oregon are slated to repeat. On the women's side, Texas A&M comes in as the pre-season favorite and surprisingly, the 2015 outdoor champs and 2016 indoor champs Oregon are ranked eighth! We look forward to seeing how these rankings shake-up as the season moves along.

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FloTrack Team Rankings Criteria Breakdown:
- 2016 NCAA Indoor Championship Performance
- 2015 NCAA Cross Country Championship Performance
- 2015 NCAA Outdoor Championship Performance
- 2015 Outdoor Best Mark (2014 if redshirted 2015)
- 2016 Indoor/Outdoor Best Mark

MEN'S TEAM RANKINGS (March 28th, 2016)

01) 58.0 pts Oregon
02) 37.5 pts Arkansas
03) 37.0 pts Florida
04) 36.5 pts Texas A&M
05) 36.0 pts Virginia
06) 32.0 pts LSU
07) 27.3 pts Texas
08) 19.5 pts Penn
08) 19.5 pts USC
10) 19.3 pts Texas Tech

WOMEN'S TEAM RANKINGS (March 28th, 2016)

01) 50.0 pts Texas A&M
02) 46.0 pts Arkansas
03) 44.0 pts USC
04) 43.7 pts Georgia
05) 42.0 pts Kansas State
06) 38.5 pts Florida
06) 38.5 pts Texas
08) 35.0 pts Oregon
09) 29.0 pts LSU
10) 24.0 pts Notre Dame


100 SO Cotton, Kenzo Arkansas
100 SR Lawson, Jarrion Arkansas
200 SO Cotton, Kenzo Arkansas
400 FR Igbokwe, Obi Arkansas
400 SR Washington, Marqueze Arkansas
800 FR Orange, Carlton Arkansas
5000 SR Gonzalez, Gabe Arkansas
4x1 NA - Arkansas
4x4 NA - Arkansas
HJ JR LeGassey, Ken Arkansas
LJ SR Lawson, Jarrion Arkansas
LJ JR Trajkovski, Andreas Arkansas
TJ JR Pullen, Clive Arkansas
100 FR Clark, Ryan Florida
200 FR Clark, Ryan Florida
200 SR Hall, Arman Florida
400 FR Fasasi, Kinle Florida
400 SR Glass, Najee Florida
400 SR Graham Jr., Hugh Florida
400 SR Hall, Arman Florida
800 JR Arroyo, Andres Florida
800 SR Schnulle, Ryan Florida
110H JR Hart, Yanick Florida
400H JR Futch, Eric Florida
4x1 NA - Florida
4x4 NA - Florida
HT FR Eriksson, Anders Florida
LJ SO Bates, KeAndre Florida
100 JR Acy, Tremayne LSU
200 JR Acy, Tremayne LSU
200 JR Mitchell-Blake, Nethaneel LSU
200 JR Mutanga, Tinashe LSU
400 JR Bruton, LaMar LSU
400 JR Cherry, Michael LSU
400 SR Dunkley, Fitzroy LSU
800 JR Henderson, Blair LSU
110H JR Moore, Jordan LSU
4x1 NA - LSU
4x4 NA - LSU
400 JR Chambers, Marcus Oregon
1500 SO Haney, Blake Oregon
1500 SO Prakel, Sam Oregon
5000 JR Cheserek, Edward Oregon
5000 SO Leingang, Jake Oregon
10000 JR Cheserek, Edward Oregon
110H SO Allen, Devon Oregon
3K Steeple JR Gil, Ryan Oregon
400H JR Thiel, Ben Oregon
DEC SO Delgado, Joe Oregon
DEC JR Modin, Mitch Oregon
HT SR Skipper, Greg Oregon
JT JR Danielson, Cody Oregon
LJ SO Moore, Nate Oregon
LJ SO White, Travonn Oregon
TJ SO Moore, Nate Oregon
1500 SR Awad, Thomas Penn
5000 SR Awad, Thomas Penn
DT JR Kennedy-White, Noah Penn
DT SR Mattis, Sam Penn
HJ SO Monroe, Michael Penn
100 JR Givans, Senoj-Jay Texas
200 JR Givans, Senoj-Jay Texas
400 JR Bailey Jr., Aldrich Texas
400 SR Bilderback, Zack Texas
400 JR Robinson, Byron Texas
110H JR Dunkerley-Offor, Spencer Texas
400H JR Robinson, Byron Texas
4x4 NA - Texas
DEC JR Mahler, Wolf Texas
PV SR Watson, Reese Texas
200 SR Jenkins, Devin Texas A&M
800 FR Brazier, Donavan Texas A&M
800 SR Hernandez, Hector Texas A&M
400H SO Grant, Robert Texas A&M
4x1 NA - Texas A&M
4x4 NA - Texas A&M
DEC SO Victor, Lindon Texas A&M
JT SO Kyriazis, Ioannis Texas A&M
LJ SO Williams, Will Texas A&M
PV SR Wolfle, Chase Texas A&M
PV FR Wooten, Jacob Texas A&M
PV SO Wyatt, Audie Texas A&M
TJ SR Collie, Latario Texas A&M
400 JR Collins, Kyle Texas Tech
400 SR Richards III, Joseph Texas Tech
110H SR Caldwell, Chris Texas Tech
3K Steeple JR Keter, Benard Texas Tech
400H JR Smith, JW Texas Tech
4x4 NA - Texas Tech
HJ SR Adkins, Bradley Texas Tech
HJ SO Culver, Trey Texas Tech
200 SR Thymes, Just'N USC
400 SO Morgan, Ricky USC
800 SO Ford, Robert USC
110H SO Morris, Marquis USC
4x1 NA - USC
HJ SO Cunningham, Randall USC
LJ SO Jackson, Adoree USC
LJ JR Sloan, Eric USC
SP SO Ponzio, Nicholas USC
TJ JR Sloan, Eric USC
1500 JR Wynne, Henry Virginia
3K Steeple SR King, Kyle Virginia
3K Steeple JR Visokay, Adam Virginia
DT JR Mihaljevic, Filip Virginia
DT JR Young, Jordan Virginia
HT JR Young, Jordan Virginia
SP JR Mihaljevic, Filip Virginia
SP JR Young, Jordan Virginia


200 SR Ellis-Watson, Taylor Arkansas
400 SR Ellis-Watson, Taylor Arkansas
1500 SO Hiltz, Nikki Arkansas
1500 SR Scott, Dominique Arkansas
5000 SR Scott, Dominique Arkansas
10000 SR Scott, Dominique Arkansas
100H SO Brooks, Taliyah Arkansas
100H SO Stumbaugh, Payton Arkansas
100H SR Gochenour, Alex Arkansas
3000 Steeple SR Kamilos, Jessica Arkansas
4x4 NA - Arkansas
HEP JR Brown, Leigha Arkansas
HEP SO Brooks, Taliyah Arkansas
HEP SO Stumbaugh, Payton Arkansas
HEP SR Gochenour, Alex Arkansas
LJ SO Brooks, Taliyah Arkansas
PV FR Weeks, Alexis Arkansas
PV FR Weeks, Victoria Arkansas
PV SO Freier, Desiree Arkansas
PV SR Voskamp, Ariel Arkansas
100 JR Sanders, Shayla Florida
200 JR Jefferson, Kyra Florida
200 JR Sanders, Shayla Florida
200 SR Gause, Destinee Florida
400 JR Jefferson, Kyra Florida
400 SR Francis, Claudia Florida
400 SR Gause, Destinee Florida
400 SR Reynolds, Robin Florida
800 SR Francis, Claudia Florida
100H SO Ross-Ransom, Skylar Florida
400H SR Francis, Claudia Florida
4x1 NA - Florida
4x4 NA - Florida
JT JR Vucenovic, Marija Florida
LJ SO McQueen, Darrielle Florida
TJ FR David, Yanis Florida
TJ SO McQueen, Darrielle Florida
100H JR Williams, Kendell Georgia
HEP JR Williams, Kendell Georgia
HJ JR Gusin, Tatiana Georgia
HJ JR Kallenou, Leontia Georgia
HJ JR Williams, Kendell Georgia
HJ SO Fagan, Madeline Georgia
HJ SR Porter, Chanice Georgia
HT JR Ashe, Shelby Georgia
JT SR Jones, Freya Georgia
LJ JR Williams, Kendell Georgia
LJ SO Orji, Keturah Georgia
LJ SR Porter, Chanice Georgia
TJ SO Orji, Keturah Georgia
200 SO Mitchell, A'Keyla Kansas State
100H SR Jones, Akela Kansas State
400H SR Gamble, Tia' Kansas State
HEP SR Jones, Akela Kansas State
HJ SR Jones, Akela Kansas State
HJ SR Williamson, Kimberly Kansas State
HT SR Savatovic, Sara Kansas State
LJ SR Jones, Akela Kansas State
SP SR Winters, Dani Kansas State
TJ SR Kelly, Alyssa Kansas State
100 JR Martin, Jada LSU
100 SO Brisco, Mikiah LSU
100 SO Hobbs, Aleia LSU
200 JR Martin, Jada LSU
800 SR Schuetz, Morgan LSU
100H SO Brisco, Mikiah LSU
100H SO Gordon, Daeshon LSU
100H SR Chase, Chanice LSU
400H SO Gordon, Daeshon LSU
400H SR Chase, Chanice LSU
4x1 NA - LSU
HEP SO Kelly, Brittany LSU
JT JR Wales, Rebekah LSU
JT SR Simoneaux, Annie LSU
LJ JR Friar, Nataliyah LSU
TJ JR Friar, Nataliyah LSU
400 SR Bamgbose, Margaret Notre Dame
1500 SR Aragon, Danielle Notre Dame
5000 FR Rohrer, Anna Notre Dame
5000 SR Seidel, Molly Notre Dame
10000 FR Rohrer, Anna Notre Dame
10000 SR Seidel, Molly Notre Dame
100H SR Barber, Kaila Notre Dame
100 FR Cunliffe, Hannah Oregon
100 JR Todd, Jasmine Oregon
200 FR Cunliffe, Hannah Oregon
200 JR Todd, Jasmine Oregon
200 SO Stevens, Deajah Oregon
800 SO Feldmeier, Brooke Oregon
800 SO Rogers, Raevyn Oregon
800 SR Leblanc, Annie Oregon
1500 JR Cash, Alli Oregon
1500 SR Maton, Ashley Oregon
5000 SR Grabill, Molly Oregon
10000 SR Grabill, Molly Oregon
10000 SR Neer, Waverly Oregon
100H FR Johnson, Alaysha Oregon
100H JR Wallace, Sasha Oregon
4x1 NA - Oregon
4x4 NA - Oregon
JT SR Brenner, Liz Oregon
LJ JR Todd, Jasmine Oregon
SP JR Mann, Brittany Oregon
SP SR Aikhionbare, Itohan Oregon
100 FR Daniels, Teahna Texas
100 SR Akinosun, Morolake Texas
200 SO Smith, Caitland Texas
200 SR Akinosun, Morolake Texas
200 SR Okolo, Courtney Texas
400 JR Gordon, Chrisann Texas
400 SR Okolo, Courtney Texas
5000 JR Raines, Sandie Texas
100H SR Adeokun, Mobolaji Texas
400H SO Jones, Ariel Texas
400H SR Gonzalez, Melissa Texas
4x1 NA - Texas
4x4 NA - Texas
PV SO Long, Kally Texas
PV SR Petrillose, Kaitlin Texas
100 JR Brown, Aaliyah Texas A&M
100 SR Madu, Jennifer Texas A&M
200 FR Spaulding, Diamond Texas A&M
200 JR Brown, Aaliyah Texas A&M
400 JR Little, Shamier Texas A&M
400H JR Little, Shamier Texas A&M
4x1 NA - Texas A&M
DT SR Vaughan, Shelbi Texas A&M
JT SO Clark, Kristen Texas A&M
JT SO Malone, Audrey Texas A&M
JT SR Malone, Maggie Texas A&M
100 SO Hill, Deanna USC
100 SO Westbrook, Ky USC
100 SR Faulknor, Alexis USC
100 SR Gaither, Tynia USC
200 SO Hill, Deanna USC
200 SO Westbrook, Ky USC
400 SO Ellis, Kendall USC
400 SR Stepter, Jaide USC
100H SO Hall, Dior USC
400H JR Iuel, Amalie USC
400H SR Stepter, Jaide USC
4x1 NA - USC
4x4 NA - USC
DT SR Novy, Tera USC
HEP JR Iuel, Amalie USC
LJ FR Jones, Margaux USC

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