2017 Nitro Athletics: Melbourne

Usain Bolt Is Racing In Australia This Weekend

Usain Bolt Is Racing In Australia This Weekend

Usain Bolt Is Racing In Australia This Weekend

Feb 1, 2017 by Dennis Young
Usain Bolt Is Racing In Australia This Weekend
Usain Bolt is kicking off his 2017 season--allegedly his last, as he's repeatedly said he'll retire after this year--in Australia this weekend. The world record holder and nine-time Olympic gold medalist is the captain of the Usain Bolt All-Stars for a series of meets in Melbourne. The meets are unconventional, though, as they're focused on mixed-gender team scoring. The first one will be late on 

The format

Over the course of three meets, the team that accumulates the most points will win. First place in an event is worth 100 points, second 80, third 70, fourth 60, fifth 50, and sixth 40. Additionally, the teams that are leading after each of the first two meets will receive points. The team captains can choose on the night of the event how to deploy the athletes on their rosters, and some events will have bonus points available. The first race is this Saturday, February 4, which will be in the very early morning U.S. time on Saturday.

Here's the full explanation of the team scoring:

The teams

And here's who will be duking it out throughout February in Melbourne. Again, the captains of each team can decide how to use their athletes before each meet, and it will be kept a secret until each of the three meets start. Each team has 12 men and 12 women.

Bolt All-Stars

Men Event
Usain Bolt Sprints
Michael Frater Sprints
Asafa Powell Sprints
Ryan Wilson Hurdles
Kerron Clement Hurdles/sprints
Jarrion Lawson Jumps/sprints
James Magut Mid-distance
Elijah Kiptoo Mid-distance
Matthew Ramsden Mid-distance
Mark Hollis Pole vault
Cyrus Hostetler Javelin
Jarryd Wallace Para-Athletics
Natasha Morrison Sprints
Jeneba Tarmoh Sprints
Christine Day Sprints
Dawn-Harper Nelson Hurdles
Jenna Prandini Jumps/sprints
Brittany McGowan Mid-distance
Selah Busienei Mid-distance
Anastasia Marinakou Mid-distance
Nina Kennedy Pole vault
Naa Anang Jumps
Kara Winger Javelin
Femita Ayanbeku Para-Athletics

Men Event
Alex Hartmann Sprints
Jack Hale Sprints
Aaron Stubbs Sprints
Luke Stevens Sprints
Justin Merlino Hurdles
Ryan Gregson Mid-distance
Jeff Riseley Mid-distance
Luke Mathews Mid-distance
Fabrice Lapierre Jumps
Kurtis Marschall Pole vault
Hamish Peacock Javelin
Scott Reardon Para-Athletics
Morgan Mitchell Sprints
Anneliese Rubie Sprints
Riley Day Sprints
Christine Wearne Sprints
Michelle Jenneke Hurdles/sprints
Genevieve LaCaze Mid-distance
Linden Hall Mid-distance
Heidi See Mid-distance
Brooke Stratton Jumps
Liz Parnov Javelin
Kathryn Mitchell Javelin
Ella Pardy Para-Athletics

Theo Campbell
Luke Cutts
Joe Dunderdale
Scott Hall
Confidence Lawson
Gabriel Odujobi
Michael Rimmer
Kieran Showler-Davis
Jamie Webb
Richard Weir
Rabah Yousif
Margaret Adeoye
Alex Bell
Jo Blair
Karla Drew
Mary Elcock
Alison Leonard
Christine Ohuruogu
Abigail Roberts
Charlene Thomas
Bianca Williams
Hannah Williams

Men  Event
Kazuma Oseto Sprint
Takuya Nagata Sprint
Kotaro Taniguchi Sprint
Kosuke Horii Sprint
Kazuhik Kawamura Mid-distance
Renya Maeda Mid-distance
Kazuki Tamogami Mid-distance
Wataru Yazawa Hurdle
Kota Suzuki Pole vault
Kota Minemura Long jump
Katsuya Nakamura Javelin
Mikio Ikeda Para Sprint
Miyu Maeyama Sprint
Mariko Nagano Sprint
Haruko Ishizuka Sprint
Minami Hatano Sprint
Ran Urabe Mid-distance
Yuki Hirota Mid-distance
Mariko Okita Mid-distance
Masumi Aoki Hurdle
Ayako Aoshima Pole vault
Tamaka Shimizu Long jump
Hiroko Takigawa Javelin
Mana Sasaki Para Sprint
China and New Zealand are also sending teams, with full rosters yet to be announced.