LIVE UPDATES: 2017 DI NCAA Outdoor Championships Day 3

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Join us for day three of the Division I NCAA Outdoor Championships. Will Christian Coleman, Fred Kerley, or Emmanuel Korir rewrite the collegiate record books? Will Craig Engels or Josh Kerr win the 1500? What about the team battle between Florida and Texas A&M? Finals begin at 8:32 PM Eastern.

Live results here

FINAL team score: Florida 61.5, Texas A&M 59.5
​For Florida, fourth title in six years. Oregon won the other two. The Gators did share the 2013 title with Texas A&M. 

Men's 4x400m, 10:51 PM

Let's assume A&M wins. If Florida finishes in the top five, they win the meet; if they finish sixth, the two teams tie; if they finish seventh or eighth, A&M wins the meet.

Florida lost the indoor meet in part due to a DQ on the 4x400m. They need to keep clean sticks and not foul anyone here, obviously.

A&M could get after the 2:59.59 CR here, though it's still cold and the track is a little wet.
-As they break, Tech, TAMU, Iowa
-Robert Grant (who fell in the hurdles) putting A&M in the lead
-Texas Tech still leading. Fred Kerley ready to throw down on the anchor. Grant Holloway anchoring for Florida.
-SICK anchor leg for Kerley, but it doesn't matter. Holloway pulls the Gators into fourth and clinches the team title for them. 43.89 anchor leg for Holloway! TAMU breaks 3:00 again--for the second time this meet and third time in school history--but it's not enough.

Men's 5K, 10:25 PM

-70 or so at 400, they're jogging.
-Rain starts falling on the second lap as they slow down even more, 2:28 at 800 meters.
-3:49 or so at 1200 meters
-JOGGING. Mile is gonna be >5:00. Everyone there.
-5:07 at 1600 meters. It's a lock that the women will go out faster than that.
-Another slow lap. Choge basically leading.
-Bunching up a ton. 7:53 HALFWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!
-Choge was doing this casual leading in the 10K as well and ended up outside of the top 10. Knight and Terer trailing. But who cares. They haven't broken 70 yet.
-9:20 3K. Still everyone there. Guys getting itchy and then slowing down. The moves aren't real yet.
-Amon Terer of Campbell vaguely pushing.
-1400 meters to go and Knight may actually be winding this bad boy up. Let's see. Stringing out for sure.
-Knight 63 bell to bell. Lots of guys there but they're running now. 12:04 at 4K
-Knight, Fisher, Klecker up front, TONS of guys there
-12:36 or 37 with 800 to go. they slowed down.
-64 that lap, no commitment to that move
-13:39 at the bell. EVERYONE there. Knight and Fisher dropping bombs.
-Fisher FTW, closes in 56, 4:06 last 1600, Jack Bruce stunner in second, Knight third, Marc Scott left it late and took fourth. 14:35 time.
-Justyn Knight, Grant Fisher, 10K champ Marc Scott the three favorites here. Gordon picked Fisher and the rest of the staff picked Knight.
-If it's a total Ches-era style jog, I like Fisher or Scott. But a totally fresh Knight will, I think, wind it up the last thousand meters and run everyone's legs off for the win.
-Knight's 13:18 5K at Payton Jordan makes him the fourth fastest outdoor collegian and the sixth fastest including indoor marks.
-Jordan Kent just dropped a "HISTORIC Hayward Field" in a live interview, I feel like there's been less of that this year.

Men's 200m, 10:07 PM

Only the triple jump (where Bates is leading) and 4x4 remaining in the team battle.
Coleman sweeps! Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake second
-20.25, 20.29
-Jereem Richards of Alabama third in 20.55
-Belcher's magic runs out a little as he ends up fifth
-Swangard says on the PA that it was a -3.1 mps headwind

Men's 400m Hurdles, 9:57 PM

This race is huge for the team battle. Futch/Holmes for Florida, Robert Grant for A&M. Projections: 1 Futch, 3 Holmes, 4 Grant. (16 Florida, 5 A&M)

-Futch, Holmes, and Grant were 1-3-4 in that order in this race a year ago, but Kemar Mowatt of Arkansas beat all three men in the SEC final.
-Mowatt ran 48.64 in the semis for the fastest qualifying time.
-Futch edges out Rai Benjamin of UCLA FTW, TJ Holmes finishes 6th
-Rob Grant of A&M wiped out 220 meters in, and jogged it in to grab the one point. So 1 TAMU, 13 Florida
-Futch defends his title. Read our story about him.

Men's 800, 9:44 PM

Arroyo for Florida and Dixon for TAMU here. Clayton Brown of Florida (projected fifth) and Jeffrey Protho of A&M (projected eighth) didn't make the triple jump final, so on net, that's an advantage for A&M. Brown just had his third miss in the high jump, so Florida is done in the scoring there. We'll update soon. Once KeAndre Bates is done triple jumping, this entire meet will come down to the 800, 400 hurdles, and 4x4 between these two teams.

-UTEP frosh/indoor champ Emmanuel Korir barely missed Donavan Brazier's 1:43.55 collegiate record in a poorly paced race at Cal this spring. It's a cold night and this field probably won't help early, so Brazier's CR is probably safe.
-Piazza of VaTech takes it out in 25low at 200, 51.68 at the bell, Korir on the rail
-UTEP guys pass on the in and out and ONE GOES DOWN (Saruni)
-Korir wins it in 1:45, Isaiah Harris gave an incredible challenge for second, Joe White third, Saruni jogs in
-Seems like Korir actually took Saruni down from behind (or maybe Saruni cut in too early)
-Arroyo/Dixon Gator/Aggie battle: Arroyo fifth, Dixon seventh (4-2 Florida)

Men's 400m, 9:32 PM

A&M needs 10 points from Fred Kerley here. We'll update soon, but Florida is hot in the high jump right now.
-Fred Kerley doesn't hit us with the SHHHHHH in the intros here.
-Cold night means Kerley's CR is almost definitely safe.
-True frosh Mike Norman of USC on the outside.
-Kerley out VERY conservatively. Norman out hot.
-Kerley waited around forever and still ran 44.1!!!!!!! The old CR was 44.0
-T#4 NCAA run ever

Men's 100m, 9:22 PM

No team points on the line here. It will be cold, so not sure if another low 9.80s is happening, but the wind has been 2.0 for most of the night and Christian Coleman is Christian Coleman.

Burrell and Belcher ran 9.93--t-#6 performer all time--in the prelims if you want a dark horse

Coleman's start is so sick. -2.1 mps HEADWIND, he wins it in 10.04
Burrell, Belcher 2-3
According to this handy calculator that performance is worth a 9.89. Will it be Coleman's last collegiate 100?

Men's 110m Hurdles, 9:12 PM

Huge team implications here as we have indoor 60H champ Grant Holloway projected to finish third for Florida. Holloway is integral to both indoor and outdoor team battles--his indoor hurdles win, disappointing performance in the long jump, and monster 4x4 leg were a key factor in March. Tonight, Holloway just has the hurdles and 4x4; he was second in the long jump on Wednesday.

Four point pickup for the Gators
Imagine this Florida team with the Lyles brothers on it

Men's 3K Steeple, 8:52 PM

Quick in-stadium feature on IUPUI's Robert Murphy, who has autism and is his school's first NCAA outdoor qualifier.

-Kibichiy is my pick here. Everyone else picked Keter, Rotich, and Erb.
-Kibichiy is hammering. field is strung out just 600 meters in at 1:45.
-That split is wrong, just got a 67.5 split. That's low 8:20s pace.
-They've slowed down, low 2:50s at 1000m and a 69 split. The athletes who were dropped are back in it. Troy Reeder and Benard Keter following, but Bailey Roth, MJ Erb, Troy Fraley, and others all there.
-4:15 at halfway. Tiny separation for Kibichiy, Erb, Keter, now Rotich of Tulane getting in it.
-Kibichiy surges. meter gap to Erb and Keter, two meter gap to the rest. Erb and Keter covering moves here.
-Kibichiy has dropped the field with 800 meters to go and only Erb has followed at all. Five meter lead to Erb who has a five-ish meter lead over Keter and Dylan Blankenbaker of Oklahoma.
-It's strung out now. Kibichiy has a four second gap over Erb with 500 meters to go. Blankenbaker quickly making up ground on Erb
-Kibichiy 7:22 at the bell, Erb 7:25, Blankenbaker right behind him
-No one is beating Kibichiy. Dominant performance.
-Six guys are in it for second: Erb, Blankenbaker, Fahy, Keter, Carpenter, and Fraley
-Kibichiy wins in 8:28 (new PR), Fahy of Georgetown second, Blankenbaker third, Erb fourth, Scott Carpenter of Georgetown fifth.

Men's 1500m, 8:42 PM

Kerr v. Engels. Last-second pick: Engels. The rest of FloTrack staff is split in half on the question. Kerr won round one, 3:35.99 to 3:37.75 at Bryan Clay, but Engels went out way too hard. In a slow race, Engels can do it.

-They're out respectably. Vincent Ciattei takes the pack through 300 meters in 44 high.
-61.3 at 400 meters. Timlin, Thompson, Engels and Kerr on the rail. Thompson maybe pushing, three wide and slow 700 in
-Saarel leads through 2:03.94 at 800
-2:49 at the bell. Kerr makes the first move. Engels tracking easily and out of the box 3:03 @ 1200
-Justine Kiprotich looking great!!!!!
-Kiprotich got Engels at the line
-All-Americans in order: Kerr (New Mexico), Kiprotich (Michigan State), Engels (Ole Miss), Josh Thompson (Oklahoma State), Neil Gourley (Virginia Tech), Andrew Dusing (Miami Ohio), Jeff Thies (Portland), Ben Saarel (Colorado)
-Race is under review
-Kerr ran 3:43.03, won by half a second, and closed in 54.05. Kiprotich closed in 54.07 but started his last lap .44 seconds behind Kerr.

Men's 4x100m, 8:32 PM

Team implications: A&M projected to take seventh.

GO TIME! It's cold in Eugene, so don't expect any wild times, but this is going to be a special night.
-Houston's 38.34 is a new school record but leaves them still the #6 school in NCAA history
-Kerley anchors A&M to fourth place and a big three-point pickup
-Two non-Power 5 schools in the top 3 as Houston wins and North Carolina A&T takes third with Chris Belcher
-Per the CCCCCCCCC, Houston is the first non-SEC school to win since 2012

Ben True Victorious In Half Marathon Debut

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Briana Williams Passes Marion Jones' World Age Group Record in 100


Briana Williams just made history. 

On Saturday at the Bob Hayes Invitational in Jacksonville, Florida, the Oakland Park Northeast (FL) High sophomore broke a 27-year-old record held by Marion Jones in the 100m run, setting a new 15-year-old world age group record with a wind-legal time of 11.13 seconds (+1.7).

After Eight-Month Layoff, Costello Returns To Racing At NYC Half

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By Rich Sands, @sands(c) 2018 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved

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NEW YORK (16-Mar) -- When Liz Costello toes the line in Sunday's United Airlines NYC Half it will be her first race in eight months. The Princeton grad had to scrap most of her summer and fall racing plans after her debut marathon left her in a physical and emotional crater.

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Ritz Gears Up For Boston, Sisson Takes On Tough Field: NYC Half Preview

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