FloXC Pick'Em Standings: Final

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Check out the final overall standings of our FloXC Pick'Em contest.

Overall Season Top 25 Standings:
1C. Dolan62,457
2G. Mack62,118
3K. Bulger61,590
4K. Fleenor59,287
5D. Shafer57,653
6K. VanderTuin57,368
7T. Dowdle57,225
8C. Cannon56,783
9J. Ruston56,721
10B. Lyon55,394
11S. Hammond54,650
12T. Clark52,662
13B. Salyers48,045
14L. Francis46,010
15K. Sommer45,873
16S. Horn44,379
17M. McManis41,347
18J. Peters40,861
19L. Nelson40,658
20W. Schmit38,555
21T. Jakubek37,355
22K. Garner35,582
23S. Report34,453
24C. Broadbent33,880
25K. Steege31,963
NCAA Championships | Top 50:
RankPlayerFloPointsMen's ScoreWomen's ScoreMen's Team PickWomen's Team Pick
1M. McManis19,6202029NAUNew Mexico
2Z. Kanlong18,9405033NAUNew Mexico
3C. Broadbent18,8805135NAUNew Mexico
4E. Gindi18,8604641NAUNew Mexico
5C. Noble18,8405632NAUNew Mexico
6K. Bulger18,8405137NAUNew Mexico
7M. Grabowski18,8204841NAUNew Mexico
8L. Christiansen18,8005139NAUNew Mexico
9B. Westbrook18,7605141NAUNew Mexico
10C. Dolan18,7405637NAUNew Mexico
11D. Turco18,7205638NAUNew Mexico
12D. Marks18,6005629NAUSan Francisco
13L. Brooks18,5805150NAUNew Mexico
13T. Parrado18,5804556NAUNew Mexico
13T. Dolan18,5801937BYUSan Francisco
16A. Atkinson18,5605235NAUSan Francisco
17M. Whalen18,5405449NAUNew Mexico
18B. Roberts18,4805650NAUNew Mexico
19J. G.18,4606131PortlandNew Mexico
20A. Vandine18,4205029NAUColorado
20C. Cannon18,4205029NAUColorado
22A. Hoffman18,4008327NAUNew Mexico
23D. Shafer18,3005629BYUNew Mexico
23J. Koscinski18,3005233BYUNew Mexico
25J. Stead18,2408335NAUNew Mexico
26Z. Holloway18,2005139BYUNew Mexico
27A. Fields18,1805635BYUNew Mexico
27T. Wiegert18,1805437NAUColorado
29M. Anvelt18,1605042BYUNew Mexico
30J. Hall18,1405835BYUNew Mexico
30S. Horn18,1405043NAUColorado
30T. Longley18,1405637NAUColorado
33S. Dolan18,1205074NAUNew Mexico
33N. Atkins18,1205143NAUColorado
35J. Koceja18,1205143NAUColorado
36G. Mack18,1005441NAUColorado
37B. Lyon18,0808343NAUNew Mexico
37B. Salyers18,0805244BYUNew Mexico
39G. Liberman18,0805541BYUNew Mexico
40H. Baade17,9807046PortlandNew Mexico
41A. Truelove17,9608349NAUNew Mexico
41J. Pietrzyk17,9608121PortlandSan Francisco
43N. Ball17,9208252NAUNew Mexico
44B. Brodsky17,8804546StanfordNew Mexico
44K. Petow17,8806046PortlandSan Francisco
46S. Cook17,8605156BYUNew Mexico
46J. Orneals17,8605240BYUSan Francisco
48L. Francis17,8408127BYUNew Mexico
48K. Fleenor17,8405454NAUColorado
50K. VanderTuin17,74011429NAUNew Mexico
Regionals Weekend | Top 25:
1C. Newman11,20056 for 62
1S. Hammond11,20056 for 62
3B. Salyer11,00055 for 62
3K. Fleenor11,00055 for 62
3T. Heinz11,00055 for 62
3D. Shafer11,00055 for 62
7L. Nelson10,80054 for 62
7J. Ruston10,80054 for 62
7T. Jakubek10,80054 for 62
7K. Bulger10,80054 for 62
7K. Steege10,80054 for 62
12L. Francis10,60053 for 62
12C. Dolan10,60053 for 62
12J. Pietrzyk10,60053 for 62
12G. Mack10,60053 for 62
16T. Dowdle10,40052 for 62
16S. Report10,40052 for 62
16C. Cannon10,40052 for 62
16E. Peacock10,40052 for 62
16J. Witmer10,40052 for 62
16B. Lyon10,40052 for 62
22W. Schmit10,20051 for 62
22K. Sommer10,20051 for 62
24C. Broadbent10,00050 for 62
25B. Younger9,80049 for 62
Conference Weekend | Top 25:
1C. Dolan8,0008 for 10
1G. Mack8,0008 for 10
1K. Bulger8,0008 for 10
1S. Jones8,0008 for 10
5B. Eurton7,0007 for 10
5D. Shafer7,0007 for 10
5G. Cook7,0007 for 10
5K. Steege7,0007 for 10
5K. VanderTuin7,0007 for 10
5L. Francis7,0007 for 10
5M. DiMuccio7,0007 for 10
5S. Topper7,0007 for 10
13B. Lyon6,0006 for 10
13B. Ulrich6,0006 for 10
13B. Bennett6,0006 for 10
13B. Zeissig6,0006 for 10
13B. Bennett6,0006 for 10
13D. Gaytan6,0006 for 10
13D. Cochran6,0006 for 10
13H. Baade6,0006 for 10
13J. Nolen6,0006 for 10
13J. Knapton6,0006 for 10
13J. Hally6,0006 for 10
13J. Ruston6,0006 for 10
13K. Fleenor6,0006 for 10
13K. Petow6,0006 for 10
13K. Sommer6,0006 for 10
13M. Borcas6,0006 for 10
13N. Costello6,0006 for 10
13N. Bowman6,0006 for 10
13P. Smith6,0006 for 10
13S. Horn6,0006 for 10
13S. Hammond6,0006 for 10
13T. Dowdle6,0006 for 10
13T. Jakubek6,0006 for 10
13Z. Kughn6,0006 for 10
Nuttycombe/Pre-Nats Weekend | Top 25:
RankPlayerFloPointsWisco M. ScoreWisco W. ScorePreNats M. ScorePreNats W. ScoreTeam Picks
1M. McManis14,835282543194 for 4
2T. Mayforth14,814262553184 for 4
3C. Carsey14,760282470184 for 4
4T. Clark14,730285945184 for 4
5A. Royall14,667283252594 for 4
6K. Steege14,1632472543244 for 4
7J. McMahon14,106281943183 for 4
8S. Hammond14,088282543183 for 4
9K. Sommer14,073152844323 for 4
10G. Mack14,064281957183 for 4
11J. Ruston14,061282552183 for 4
12L. Nelson14,049282556183 for 4
13C. Dolan14,046283547183 for 4
14M. Trummer14,046281961203 for 4
15D. Everett14,043283243263 for 4
16B. Lyon14,028423737183 for 4
16E. Heath14,028282563183 for 4
18T. Dowdle14,004281944513 for 4
19T. Jakubek14,001263245403 for 4
20K. Garner13,9922672545594 for 4
21D. Shafer13,977283768183 for 4
22S. Report13,974283247453 for 4
23B. Salyers13,965282549533 for 4
24J. Peters13,941283153513 for 4
25D. Racine13,893383184263 for 4
Bill Dellinger Weekend | Top 20:
RankPlayerFloPointsMen's ScoreWomen's ScoreTeam Picks
1T. Mayforth7,90049318 for 8
2S. Ricketts7,40842347 for 8
3G. Mack7,39857247 for 8
4D. Shafer7,37631617 for 8
5C. Dolan7,33686267 for 8
6K. Fleenor6,93041246 for 8
7H. Prevor6,926256617 for 8
8M. McManis6,89232526 for 8
9B. Lyon6,88626616 for 8
10W. Schmit6,8821551847 for 8
11M. Borcas6,87469246 for 8
12L. Nelson6,86662356 for 8
13B. Ulrich6,86235646 for 8
13S. Hammond6,86250496 for 8
15K. Bulger6,85859426 for 8
16K. VanderTuin6,83253616 for 8
17T. Clark6,83272426 for 8
18L. Francis6,81064616 for 8
19J. Peters6,80057736 for 8
20D. Fry6,794109246 for 8
Roy Griak Weekend | Top 10:
RankPlayerFloPointsMen's ScoreWomen's ScoreTeam Picks
1G. Mack395647278 for 8
2L. Nelson394355328 for 8
3P. Holleran389363748 for 8
4W. Schmit3855147288 for 8
5S. Report3849401418 for 8
6C. Cannon3847101828 for 8
7L. Francis3760195758 for 8
8C. Dolan37351711248 for 8
9K. Fleenor369351367 for 8
10T. Dowdle368573227 for 8

Briana Williams Passes Marion Jones' World Age Group Record in 100


Briana Williams just made history. 

After Eight Month Layoff, Costello Returns to Racing at NYC Half

New York Road Runners NYCH_Athletes_PS1_Visit_NYRR_Courtesy.jpg

By Rich Sands, @sands(c) 2018 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved

MSU T&F Grad Assistant Resigns In Protest Of Nassar Case Handling

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 1.09.31 PM.png

Michigan State track and field graduate assistant Kassie Powell resigned from her position on Thursday in protest of the university's handling of the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal.

Ritz Gears Up For Boston, Sisson Takes On Tough Field: NYC Half Preview

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With the 2018 World Half Marathon Championships scheduled for next weekend and major marathons in Boston and London on tap for April, the spring road racing season is in full swing. 

House Of Run: When A World Record Isn’t A World Record

Kirby Lee USA Today Untitled design.png

On this week’s episode of the House of Run, Jason and Kevin discuss the abundance of records at the NCAA Indoor Championships including Michael Norman’s world record in the 400m, Kendall Ellis and Sydney McLaughlin both running under the 400m American record, Eli Hall’s 60/200m double and the nonsensical tale of why USC’s men’s team won’t hold the 4 x 400m world record.

WATCH: Clarence Munyai Runs 19.69, Smashes South African 200m Record

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 9.53.23 AM.png

Clarence Munyai stunned the track and field world on Friday with a 19.69 clocking in the 200m. The 20-year-old from South African entered with a personal best of 20.10. The mark lopped 0.15 seconds off Wayde Van Niekerk’s South African national record and makes Munyai just the 10th man ever to run under 19.70. 

The Houston Men Might Break 31-Year Power Five Win Streak At NCAA Outdoors

TL2_0798.JPG Workout Wednesday: Inside Houston Sprints' Race Day Routine

The Houston men finished seventh overall in the team standings at the 2018 NCAA Indoor Championships with 26 total points, 20 of which came from Eli Hall's impressive 60/200 sweep. But don't expect the Cougars to be anywhere near the bottom of the top 10 this outdoor season. In fact, the Houston men are legitimate outdoor team title contenders for three reasons.

The New Mexico XC Team Might Score 50 Points At The 2018 NCAA Outdoors

DQEyoHOV4AArhrM.jpg New Mexico | Reloaded

The New Mexico women have an opportunity to pull off an incredible feat at this year's 2018 Division I NCAA Outdoor Championships. 

Kyron McMaster In The Hurdles, Sang/Goule In The 1500: 49er Classic Preview

Kirby Lee USA Today USATSI_9136548_168383134_lowres.jpg

The indoor season hasn’t been over for an entire week and attention has already turned outdoors. This weekend UNC-Charlotte hosts the 49er Classic, a meet that features collegians and professionals all itching to get an early start on their outdoor season. 

On The Run: A Record Bonanza At NCAA Indoors | Episode 78

Kirby Lee USA Today USATSI_10694421_168383134_lowres.jpg

Jojo, Grant, and Kevin convene to discuss the lightning-quick 2018 NCAA Indoor Championships. The group shares their favorite moment from the meet, the biggest surprise, and the hypothetical scenarios they've wondered the most about.