These 58 Returning All-Americans Haven't Qualified For NCAAs Yet

With just two weeks left to qualify for the 2019 Division I NCAA Indoor Championships, there are a lot of big names who have yet to make the top 16 in one of their marquee events. Below is a list of 161 athletes who have the talent or experience to become an All-American this year, but currently do not hold a top-16 mark. Among these athletes, a staggering 58 of them were All-Americans in 2018 (indoors/outdoors).

These next two weeks will be crucial for these men and women.

Men's 60m DashYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Ewers, AndreSRFlorida State6.5216th3rd
Chambers, RaheemJRMiami6.532nd5th
Mitchell, JaylanSON. Carolina A&T6.598th-
Rodgers, DerriusJRTexas Tech6.6014th-
Barnum, AlexanderJRUSC6.6112th-
West, McKinelySRSouthern Miss.6.64-6th
Men's 200m DashYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Thompson, JahnoySRLSU20.21--
Williams, MustaqeemSRTennessee20.2311th6th
Ewers, AndreSRFlorida State20.288th2nd
West, McKinelySRSouthern Miss.20.30-8th
Hislop, AkanniJRLSU20.39--
Harrison, EricSOOhio State20.39--
Mosby, CorreionSRLSU20.5212th-
Men's 400m DashYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
St Hillaire, DwightSOKentucky44.55--
Zapata, AlejandroSRLiberty44.86-23rd
Bailey, SeanJRUTEP45.24--
Stewart, TrevorSON. Carolina A&T45.28-10th
Sawyers, ChantzSOFlorida45.40-11th
Walton, JamalFRTexas A&M45.42--
Shinnick, ZachSOUSC45.818th-
Schwartz, RhaykoSRArkansas46.0815th-
Men's 800m RunYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Williams, CooperSOIndiana1:46.06-13th
Lewis, JohnSRClemson1:47.147th15th
Lomong, AlexanderJROhio State1:47.43- 
Devroe, DejonSRMiss State1:47.696th14th
Marshall, MylesSRHarvard1:47.7412th-
Men's Mile RunYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
West, JamesSROregon3:53.70--
Villarreal, CarlosJRArizona3:55.5213th-
Haney, BlakeSROregon3:56.38--
Rockhold, ColeSRColorado St.3:56.856th-
Paulson, WilliamSRArizona State3:56.85-13th
Stanovsek, MickJRWashington3:56.9016th12th
O'Toole, GarrettSRArizona State3:57.42--
Zarate, DiegoJRVirginia Tech3:58.65-10th
Griffith, CameronSRArkansas3:59.68-8th
Kiprotich, JustineSRMichigan State4:01.37-7th
Mens' 3,000m RunYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Griffith, CameronSRArkansas7:49.783rd-
Davis, JonathanSOIllinois7:49.9215th-
Rockhold, ColeSRColorado St.7:50.109th11th
Kurgat, EdwinJRIowa State7:53.71-7th
Linkletter, RorySRBYU7:54.29-8th
Kiprop, VincentSRAlabama7:55.79-9th
Men's 5,000m RunYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
McDonald, MorganSRWisconsin13:19.05--
Fisher, GrantJRStanford13:32.00-3rd
Kipkoech, LawrenceSRCampbell13:41.1711th18th
Carpenter, JaretJRPurdue13:43.14-10th
Fahy, StevenSRStanford13:44.829th-
Men's 60m HurdlesYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Atkinson, JovaineJRLiberty7.644th-
Moore, MattSOSyracuse7.7410th18th
Burt, JohnJRTexas7.82-8th
Siedhoff, LukeJRNebraska7.84-7th
Akindele, DayoSRKennesaw State7.90-9th
Men's High JumpYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Turner, VernonSOOklahoma2.33m4th6th
Wells, JonathanSRIllinois2.26m-13th
Brown, ClaytonJRFlorida2.25m-10th
Merlos, AntoniosSOGeorgia2.23m-5th
Claitt, TequanSREastern Kentucky2.21m5th-
Men's Pole VaultYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Bray, EthanJRSouth Dakota5.58m9th-
Benitez, JoelSOVirginia Tech5.52m-8th
Smith, ChaseSRWashington5.51m10th-
Men's Long JumpYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Triki, TaharSOTexas A&M8.01m-8th
Erm, JohannesSOGeorgia7.98m--
Ruffin, RodneySRSE Louisiana7.94m--
Nairn, LaquanJRArkansas7.87m11th-
Wasome, O'BrienJRTexas7.82m10th-
Men's Triple JumpYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Lamou, MartinFRFlorida State16.89m--
Edwards, ChristianSOAlabama16.37m-6th
Mada, BrianSRDePaul15.89m-12th
Men's Shot PutYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Efekoro, OghenakpoboSRVirginia20.28m-6th
Morrison, WillieJRIndiana20.22m--
West, JordanSOTennessee19.79m-12th
Johnson, T'MondSRTexas State19.79m-18th
Esparza, NateSOUCLA19.49m12th-
Men's Weight ThrowYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Lucas, DavidJRPenn State24.02m1st-
Eriksson, AndersJRFlorida21.17m-2nd
Arreaga, KevinSOMiami20.75m-10th
Norris, JakeSOLSU20.48m-3rd
Men's HeptathlonYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Lawson, TJJRKent State59345th-
Wasik, SteeleSRTexas5817--
Wells, JonathanSRIllinois5786--
Mechler, NathanielJRHouston57588th-
Frid, TeddySRMinnesota571710th-
Ballengee, MarkusJRLiberty5537-7th
Ose, BenjaminSRDartmouth5430-15th
Women's 60m DashYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Whyte, NatalliahSOFlorida Atlantic7.123rd2nd
Dunmore, MakenzieJROregon7.2016th-
Hall, CassondraJRLSU7.218th10th
Daniels, TeahnaSRTexas7.2410th17th
Barnes, CeleraJRKentucky7.25-10th
Reed, JasminSOOregon7.36-13th
Women's 200m DashYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Williams, Lauren RainSOUSC22.51-12th
Dunmore, MakenzieJROregon22.53--
Whyte, NatalliahSOFlorida Atlantic22.558th-
Odiong, EdidiongSOMid. Tenn. State22.62-9th
Seymour, Ka'TiaSOFlorida State22.746th4th
Bethel, BrianneJRHouston22.74-16th
Helps, ShaunaSRFlorida State22.9712th-
Lampkin, DaijaSOAlabama23.0316th-
Women's 400m DashYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Irby, LynnaSOGeorgia49.803rd1st
Dunmore, MakenzieJROregon50.63-8th
Mason, SymoneSOMiami51.53--
Misher, RachelSRLSU51.60-7th
Manson, TaylorSOFlorida51.74-9th
Barrow, Lisa-AnneSRSan Diego St.51.86-24th
DesRosiers, BriyahnaSROregon51.9010th6th
Anderson, ShaeSOUCLA52.559th-
Women's 800m RunYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Collier, CaitlinFRStanford2:00.85--
Wilson-Perteete, Avi' TalSOUNLV2:01.1415th9th
Fray, JazmineSRTexas A&M2:01.185th8th
Watson, Sammy (Gone Pro)SOTexas A&M2:01.463rd1st
Miller, AaliyahJRBaylor2:02.41-23rd
Johnson, KaylaSOMiami2:03.04--
McIntosh, KamrynSOClemson2:03.5911th11th
Staebler, JasmineSRIowa State2:03.599th14th
Dodd, KayleeSROklahoma State2:04.5210th-
Women's Mile RunYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Jones, DaniSRColorado4:26.872nd-
Aragon, ChristinaSOStanford4:29.31-4th
Noe, JanelleSRToledo4:30.65-11th
Rawlings, TarynSRPortland4:31.23-6th
Sughroue, MollySROklahoma State4:32.1916th13th
Burdon, LilliSRWashington4:32.30--
McClintock, DillonJRMichigan State4:33.87-10th
Orton, WhittniJRBYU4:34.767th19th
Meier, HaleySRMichigan4:35.6912th18th
Duca, PaigeSRBoston College4:37.5515th-
Women's 3,000m RunYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Finn, ErinSRMichigan8:58.69--
Burdon, LilliSRWashington8:59.189th3rd
Aragon, ChristinaSOStanford9:01.867th-
O'Keeffe, FionaSOStanford9:04.7710th-
Jones, DaniSRColorado9:05.23--
Drop, JessicaJRGeorgia9:11.01-7th
Women's 5,000m RunYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Finn, ErinSRMichigan15:33.15--
Drop, JessicaJRGeorgia15:38.574th7th
Stoner, PaigeSRSyracuse15:41.268th-
Carnahan, SavannahJRFurman15:49.89-15th
Women's 60m HurdlesYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Johnson, AlayshaSRTexas Tech8.0314th7th
Humphrey, BrittleyJRLSU8.0911th-
Burton, RushelleJRTexas8.1312th8th
Women's High JumpYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Greene, NicoleSRNorth Carolina1.88m1st-
Henry, AlexusSRUT-Arlington1.87m10th1st
Kwarteng, AbigailJRAlabama1.87m--
Isenbarger, KatieFRWestern Kentucky1.86m--
Gittens, TyraSOTexas A&M1.86m--
Fields, JordanJRSouth Carolina1.85m9th-
Barnes, SanaaFRVillanova1.85m--
Women's Pole VaultYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Gruver, OliviaSRWashington4.67m3rd1st
Caudery, MollyFRMiami4.53m--
Martinez, LaurenSRCalifornia4.30m10th11th
Women's Long JumpYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Thomas, Lanae-TavaFRUSC6.60m--
Gittens, TyraSOTexas A&M6.47m-9th
Corrin, CourtneyJRUSC6.46m--
Pryce, TaishiaSOKansas State6.45m--
Ebwea-Bile, Marie-JoseeSRKentucky6.42m10th-
Abire, MercyJRLSU6.33m-13th
Chadwick, PaytonSRArkansas6.30m9th-
Women's Triple JumpYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Brown, LajarviaJRTexas A&M13.58m7th11th
Bajnok, EszterJRVirginia Tech13.43m-5th
Whyte, JehvaniaSRNorthern Illinois13.35m8th7th
Abdulqadir, HanifahSRSouth Carolina13.30m11th-
Stevenson, CiynamonJRTexas A&M13.26m12th14th
McKee, KellySRVirginia13.25m-9th
Women's Shot PutYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Scarvelis, StamatiaSRTennessee17.77m13th-
Tausaga, LaulaugaJRIowa17.34m-4th
Gordon, MeiaJROklahoma16.57m-13th
Women's Weight ThrowYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Clunis, NayokaSRMinnesota21.48m16th15th
Ingvaldsen, HeleneJRKansas State21.20m-7th
Kuklova, PavlaSRVirginia Tech18.95m-6th
Women's PentathlonYRSchoolPB'18 NCAA(i)'18 NCAA(o)
Gittens, TyraSOTexas A&M41978th8th
Hankenson, HollySRLouisville417513th-
Zamzow, AshtinSRTexas4076-11th
Neal, MayaJRTennessee3814-13th
Champagnie, AyeshaSRMinnesota3741-9th


PB = Personal best since January 2018.

'18 NCAA (o) for indoor only events:

60m = 100m

60H = 100/110H

Mile = 1500m

3k = 5k


Pent/Hep = Hep/Dec

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